Post-pandemic Healthcare Contract Labor Blues: Stubborn Costs Vex Administrators

    Pandemic era healthcare labor costs rose to crisis levels across the country. Much of these costs were fueled by the sudden surge in agency nursing labor costs. Supplemental labor ...

    BlueSky Synergy Unveils Revolutionary BlueSky Network, Linking Agencies to Hospitals for Effortless Staffing Integration

    BlueSky Medical Staffing Software today announced an innovative feature to its flagship platform. The BlueSky Network establishes a direct connection between participating ...

    Webinar: A Transformative Journey with Adventist Health - The Process Behind Turning Staffing Challenges into Revenue Generating Triumphs

    On March 20, 2024, BlueSky President Tim Teague and Adventist Health Program Manager, Agency Staffing Office, Joe Heilman discuss how Adventist went from a cost center to profit ...

    International Travel Nursing: The answer to your workforce woes?

    With the nursing shortage showing no signs of slowing, many hospitals and health systems are casting a wider net, and that includes hiring international nurses. While that can be ...

    2023 Year in Review

    As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked upon at BlueSky. In the ever-evolving landscape of hospital staffing, this year has been ...

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    clinical workforce management software

    BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is an applicant tracking system, vendor management system, staff/nurse scheduling system, and invoice/payroll tool combined into one suite for clinical talent and contingent labor management. BlueSky has been empowering the healthcare and hospital staffing industry for over twenty years by solving expensive operational problems in business and organizations.

    BlueSky is the only staffing software available on the market today that is healthcare specific, accommodates full lifecycle recruitment, front-to-back-office workflows, medical credential management, vendor management, workflow automation, and more.