Full Life-Cycle Clinical Talent Management

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Healthcare staffing can be complicated. We make it easier with a complete front-to-back office solution built specifically for the complexities of the healthcare temporary staffing market.

Healthcare Recruiters Love This Software.

Recruiters benefit from a less tedious workflow, with powerful automation built in the software, logic designed for healthcare complexities and an easily reached support team for anything else.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Automate Job Order Entry

Your recruiters have a lot to do. Take the data entry off their shoulders with automation that scrapes resume information and places those candidates into your BlueSky applicant tracking system, with minimal manual interaction.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Job Posting + Outbound Distribution

While we are cutting back on the data entry, let's go ahead and include job order distribution. Why would you need to do more than click a few buttons, check a box and hit send? With BlueSky staffing software, it is that easy.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Resume Parsing + Semantic Matching

The resume is scraped, the candidate is in the ATS, now what? Matching candidate profiles to relevant job orders just got a lot less manual. You set the parameters and keywords to match resumes to job orders en masse and mismatches are held for a Recruiter to correct or approve. The system learns over time, minimizing the manual work with each resume.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Accurate + Automatic Candidate Matching

Candidates have more documents than a resume, we know you have a lot of paperwork to sift through. The intelligent parsing system extends into Candidate profiles and picks up details that may not be present in the resume alone. The system learns over time, minimizing the manual work with each Candidate profile.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Integrated Margin Calculations

You found a great match for the job order! Negotiating a pay package takes a bit of work, or it used to. With BlueSky, the integrated margin calculator can be customized by Admins and set up for a range of flexibility. Send it off right from the Candidate dashboard. Pay packages are not painful anymore.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Candidate Placement + Tracking

Forward operations need attention too. No more personal calendars, no more phone call reminders taking up hours each morning. Take advantage of automated reminders and the built-in scheduling system. Place Caregivers quickly, easily, and track their performance within each Facility, Department, Unit and more.

Caregiver Candidates Find This Software Helpful.

Caregiver candidates are empowered to manage their own documentation easily and from any device, plus gain the added benefit of automated alerts for your recent job orders, document expirations and more.

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Candidate, Client + Employee Access

2100+ permissions exist within the BlueSky System. This allows you to be as granular or general as your operations dictate. Customize who can see what information. Set up different permission layers for clients, team members, caregivers, subcontractors, external company units, and more to share what's most important for each level of user.

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare

It definitely is not easy without software, fortunately we have you covered. The Caregiver and Nurse scheduling dashboard shows your team who is already scheduled, what shifts need to be filled and is capable of matching candidate pools to open shifts and orders (even for multiple units).

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Time Keeping, Attendance + Payroll

Your client's facility doesn't want to have temp staff in their payroll system? No big deal, enable your Caregivers to clock time electronically and on-the-go, with built-in manager approval functionality, using the BlueSky Agency Caregiver app. It's already available on Google and Apple app stores today. Keeping the timesheets accurate makes payroll for the entire timerange a one minute workflow.

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Credential Alerts (For the Agency, Caregivers + Partners)

The real tedium of healthcare staffing is the paperwork. Get rid of micromanagement strategies and keep your recruiters focused on recruiting! With the different access levels mentioned above, required document alerts can be sent off to anyone and everyone involved how you see fit. Notify your team, Caregivers, even clients, with automated reminders and let the individual manage their own paperwork while staying compliant.

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Businesses Of All Sizes Gain Industry Insight With This Software.

There is a difference between reinvesting recovered revenue and typical operation expenses. Viewing that difference at a glance keeps you up-to-date and allows informed decision making.

Integrate With Your Website

Our staffing software comes to you with a free built-in job board feature that can be easily placed on your existing website. We also encourage your website to have links to the Caregiver mobile app download, to make things even more streamlined for your onboarding process.

API + Software Add-On Ready

BlueSky Staffing Software hosts a suite of integrative features, but who wouldn't want to do even more? We don't need to reinvent the wheel and would love to help your team integrate their current payroll processor, time tracking software, email marketing platform, or anything other key business function our ATS / VMS does not achieve currently.

Robust + Real-Time Reporting

Sure, your CFO may not use the software in their day-to-day. When the time comes for a granular report on annual costs spent on contingent labor though, you have an accurate answer at your fingertips.

Configurable Dashboards

The financial reports are not always the first priority for a recruiter's "at a glance" view. Set and forget the dashboard to visualize candidate pipelines, statuses and more. Customizable dashboards give the BlueSky Software user control over their immediate content views and saves time. You bet your entire team met their KPIs this month!

Cloud-Based, Mobile Access + Caregiver App

Staffing software should not be limited to your desktop, laptop or tablet. What about your scheduled Caregivers who could be lost on the commute? We all have viewing preferences, cloud access gives you the capability to choose. Bonus perk, our cloud platform ensures a high level of security and compliance, with minimal to no downtime. Plus a Caregiver app specifically for your team.

Ongoing Client-Driven Improvements

Software should continually evolve. Technology is not stopping, why would the tools we use with it? BlueSky's software updates are regularly scheduled, released at least bi-annually, and fully documented with on-demand trainings for your team to stay up-to-speed. Have an idea for a new feature or improvement? Let us know! It may be added to the next update.

Healthcare Facilities and Managed Service Providers Love This Software's Granular Details.

Healthcare staffing on a commercial scale takes high-level understanding of the market at large paired strategically with a functional platform. Stop spending thousands on custom development for a tool that doesn't fit the job, choose a software built for your needs from the start.

bluesky staffing software for hospitals to be their own MSP
Multi-Vendor Management + Invoicing

You're a massive agency, you have needs, you have so many facilities, all your facilities have needs. With precise and accessible vendor management features, you maintain control over the chaos that is the healthcare staffing industry. And be paid for it, with customizable invoicing features.

bluesky staffing software for hospitals to be their own MSP
High Volume MSP + VMS Ready

Was it mentioned that this software handles operations on a commercial level? BlueSky Staffing Software accommodates operations on any scale. Bring the process in-house, learn how painless it really is, and recover millions in lost revenue.

bluesky staffing software for hospitals to be their own MSP
Enterprise Level Configuration + Customization

Things sound pretty great so far. Can this staffing software be customized even further? Without a doubt. There is the standard that you set, the one the government sets, the one your clients set.. All of these can be accommodated in a single software platform, with BlueSky.

bluesky staffing software for hospitals to be their own MSP
Joint Commission Audit Ready

All of these configurations, add-ons, integrations, software features and perks really reinforce the number one goal of risk management. BlueSky Staffing Software is Joint Commission Audit ready, out of the box. Good data in, good data out, achieve flying colors when and if you receive an Audit.

bluesky staffing software for hospitals to be their own MSP
Structured For Healthcare

There are plenty of software systems for applicant tracking, vendor management, nurse scheduling, credentialing, and all the other necessities in the industry. However there is only one that was inspired by and built for the healthcare markets. With decades of high-level experience, a team full of knowledgeable experts, and a consolidated software platform, you will be set up to succeed.

What about custom staffing software needs?

If you are not sure what you need or if you know you need something other than what's listed here, reach out to us for a more customized discussion.

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is an applicant tracking system, vendor management system, staff/nurse scheduling system, and invoice/payroll tool combined into one suite for clinical talent and contingent labor management. BlueSky has been empowering the healthcare and hospital staffing industry for over twenty years by solving expensive operational problems in business and organizations.

BlueSky is the only staffing software available on the market today that is healthcare specific, accommodates full lifecycle recruitment, front-to-back-office workflows, medical credential management, vendor management, workflow automation, and more.

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