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Medical staffing software should be a different model than a typical industry. Learn more about why BlueSky's specificity matters.

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  • What is the point of recruitment software?

    Recruitment or recruiter software consolidates processes that are otherwise completed manually by a true-blue human team member. As a general term, this can mean many different things and it's important to prioritize your business needs when choosing the best recruitment software for your company.

  • What is the point of applicant tracking software (ATS)?

    Applicant tracking software tracks candidates through their application and placement processes. As one of the processes that is not efficiently handled manually, applicant tracking through their lifecycle with your recruiting team is key to measurable success, as well as to a positive experience for the candidate.

  • What is the point of vendor management software (VMS)?

    Hospitals and health care facilities certainly have many vendors providing services and products to them. In healthcare staffing specifically, hospitals and health systems can be their own managed services provider (MSP) or hire this out to another vendor. Vendor management software consolidates processes from each sub-vendor or sub-contractor's applicant tracking software (hopefully they use one, otherwise they are out the door in most cases).

  • How does recruitment software compare to applicant tracking software?

    A recruitment software suite will include marketing features, since recruiting is essentially a sales and marketing role. An applicant tracking software is functionally based on tracking applicants through a specific start-to-finish lifecycle.

  • How does recruitment software compare to vendor management software?

    Recruitment software is intended to accommodate the sales and marketing aspects of a recruiters methods. A vendor management software is going to take information from vendors and organize it in a way that is usable, analytics driven, and with multiple permission controls so a managed services provider or central staffing office for a health system can efficiently process contingent labor.

  • How does applicant tracking software compare to vendor management software?

    This is the most frequent question we receive as providers of a hybrid system that includes applicant tracking software and vendor management software functionality. In short, a vendor management software is going to combine the data from applicant tracking software (one or many) into one interface for effective processing. A VMS also supports tiered releases of job needs, or filtered distribution of open positions.

What about BlueSky Software specifics?

  • Can candidates access the BlueSky system?

    Yes! With customizable permission controls, you can have candidates login to the web app or mobile app to provide their details, opt in to jobs, and more.

  • How are signatures and competencies handled with BlueSky?

    We partner with fabulous professional providers like Healthcare Staffing Hire, Relias LMS, PeopleG2, Unversal Background Screenings, and others. As experts in software, we leave the details on testing and screenings to those who know it best. Ready to integrate your platform? Reach out today and learn how.

  • How is time and attendance handled for invoicing and payroll?

    Caregivers and contingent workers can log in to the mobile app to clock in and out elecronically, or provide a photo of the timesheet. Including manager signature, BlueSky's Caregiver Mobile App is leading the Healthcare VMS industry.

  • What sort of reporting features exist in BlueSky Healthcare Staffing Software?

    We have over forty data sets and reports ready to deploy from your dashboard. Payroll Based Journal reports (PBJ for hungry recruiters), absenteeism, vendor performance, and so much more. What you are looking for exists here, and then some. Your business insights will empower you to make informed and successful decision.

  • What is the pricing and training structure for BlueSky?

    With a pricing model based on volume for VMS, or seats for individual agencies, you're going to find flexibility with our team and system processes. Training is real-time or video based as your team sees fit. We are here to help you be more profitable, and effective workforce management system training is the first step.

Keep Daily Operations Running Smoothly

Healthcare employee scheduling software should handle complex scheduling needs, large to small work forces, time tracking, attendance tracking, be accessible from anywhere and be connected to your workforce management software suite.

Completely configurable to your staffing operative needs, your BlueSky software effortlessly handles the complexities of healthcare contingent labor management. No installation required, cloud-based, automatically backed up data, powerful business insights and analytics, user grouping and controls; how have you been staying sane without the US's longest-tenured workforce management software?



    Empower your contingent staff with 24/7 online access and mobile capabilities.


    Real-time auditing of float pool, FTE staff, and candidate profiles against all job orders, per your preferences.


    Broadcast open shifts to your preferred workers and vendor nurse staffing providers.


    Schedule across multiple locations, departments, units and more, in one software.

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