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Stop spending time and money on vendors to manage vendors.  Be your own managed service provider with BlueSky's vendor management software system.  We've been enabling heath systems and franchise clinics to manage their own operations for decades.

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The BlueSky Healthcare VMS is the most specialized and affordable software solution for healthcare systems, hospitals, and staffing agencies.

Staffing Agencies

Use BlueSky to manage your contingent workflow and have full transparency into your activities, placements, and revenue with state of the art reports and dashboards.

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Hospitals and Facilities

Take back control of your outsourced talent and gain true transparency into your contingent labor with a vendor-neutral solution designed for your operative needs. Customizable beyond belief.

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Make your life easier by utilizing JobRobotix to aggregate your job orders for automatic VMS-to-ATS automation, reducing manual entry and increasing speed.

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Vendor Management

To Make Operations Easier

Our vendor management and applicant tracking system suite is the most technically in-depth software solution of choice for healthcare systems, hospitals and staffing agencies. Originally developed to solve the temp staffing labor issues in healthcare over 15 years ago, the software strives to manage all contingent labor and digital time and attendance from all agencies of a large urban hospital system to franchise clinics. BlueSky has focused on the healthcare staffing industry since 1994, and we know our software can enable even more industries.

The flexible VMS allows you to automate and streamline processes you didn’t even think you could (ask us about it, we'll share the knowledge). Customize time and attendance, automate payroll and invoicing, manage credentials, and operate within a total workforce management platform and ATS to maximize your resources, saving you time, paperwork, and money.


“BlueSky's software has a been a great resource for us. It's helped us to keep organized and efficient, especially as we grow. We can track and record so much for our physicians and our overall business, all in one place.”


Dawn Walker, Concord Medical Group

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