Specialized and Affordable Healthcare Staffing VMS to exceed your KPIs.

Be Your Own MSP with Vendor Management Software for Nurse Staffing.

Stop spending time and money on vendors to manage vendors. Be your own managed service provider with BlueSky's vendor management software system. We've been enabling hospital health systems and franchise clinics to manage their own operations for decades.


Staffing Agencies

Use a VMS to manage your contingent workflow and have full transparency into your activities, placements, and revenue with state of the art reports and dashboards. BlueSky’s Healthcare VMS is the software solution of choice for healthcare systems, hospitals and MSPs. Originally developed to manage the entire contract workforce of a large urban hospital system, BlueSky has expanded its VMS offering to encompass staffing agencies that desire to be their own MSP.

MSP agencies that use BlueSky reliably see increased fill rates, higher speed to market and more qualified caregivers.


Agency: VMS


Hospitals and Facilities

Enjoy cost savings and faster fill rates managing contingent labor staffing with a vendor-neutral platform. Now you can provide your clients with an alternative solution with a VMS built specifically for healthcare, and over 2100 permission portals. Show them the reports and KPIs they need, and give them access to make placements faster.

Since BlueSky is NOT a staffing agency, it remains neutral in the competition for candidate placement, providing you an advantage.


Facility: VMS

What is Vendor Management Software (VMS) in Healthcare Staffing?

It's the tool to improve your Workforce Management.

A VMS is a software system to procure, facilitate, and manage temporary or contract workforces. MSP companies use a VMS in order to consolidate and organize their operations. Subcontracting agencies and companies often leverage this tool to communicate with their MSP client. With the proper VMS platform, your staffing agency or healthcare facility can manage the entire candidate experience without a MSP and their inevitable service fees.

A VMS is often confused with the managed services provider (MSP). However, it's good to know that a MSP only has two advantages: the use of a VMS platform and the master contract with the source facility.

Our vendor management and applicant tracking system suite is the most technically in-depth software solution of choice for healthcare systems, hospitals and staffing agencies. Originally developed to solve the temp staffing labor issues in healthcare over 15 years ago, the software strives to manage all contingent & contract labor and digital time and attendance from all agencies of a large urban hospital system to franchise clinics. BlueSky has focused on the healthcare staffing industry since 1994, and we know our software can enable even more industries.

The flexible VMS allows you to automate and streamline processes you didn’t even think you could (ask us about it, we'll share the knowledge). Customize time and attendance, automate payroll and invoicing, manage credentials, and operate within a total workforce management platform and ATS to maximize your resources, saving you time, paperwork, and money.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Control The Hiring Process

Your team does not have to wait for candidates to come through a long, inefficient funnel of vendors that are probably playing favorites. Enter the job needs, distribute, relax and review applicants. This is made even quicker with integrations.

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Improve HR and Administrative Functions

Does your CNO have a quick way to reach a hiring manager to fill their shift needs? Can your hiring manager send off a job order same-day and get applicants immediately? Did you know this can all be done within a single software system, like the BlueSky VMS?

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Manage Risk + Assure Compliance

Required documents, verifications, backgrounds, drug screens and more are integrated and automated. Joint Commission Audits are easy to pass with a VMS platform built specifically to manage the entire contingent labor process. A team of two people could manage the entire process for multi-million dollar revenue recovery.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Understand Pipelines, Finances + KPIs

Are you asked "how much is being spent on contract labor in my facility?" What about "why are we staffing a travel nurse when there are local new-grads?" You would have the granular and accurate answer with our VMS. We're serious when we say it only takes a team of two to recover millions in lost revenue.

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