Be Your Own MSP
with BlueSky's VMS

Now you can provide your clients with an alternative solution with a VMS built specifically for healthcare, and over 2100 permission portals. Show them the reports and KPIs they need, and give them access to make placements faster.

Since BlueSky is NOT a staffing agency, it remains neutral in the competition for candidate placement, providing you an advantage.

More Features

Vendor management can be expensive

and costs are hidden by outsourcing to an MSP.

BlueSky’s Healthcare VMS is the software solution of choice for healthcare systems, hospitals and Managed Service Providers (MSP's).  Originally developed to manage the entire contract workforce of a large urban hospital system, BlueSky has expanded its VMS offering to encompass staffing agencies that desire to be their own MSP.  MSP agencies that use BlueSky reliably see increased fill rates with higher speed to market, with more qualified caregivers.

BlueSky's Medical Staffing Software and VMS helps staffing agencies streamline their entire process - from recruiting to payroll and everything in between, use BlueSky to manage your workflow and have full transparency into your activities, placements, and revenue with state of the art reports and dashboards.

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Vendor Portal Access

Service providers, workers, partner agencies and more

Web and mobile app for schedules, credentials, historical records, and easy communication

Instantaneous messaging of requested orders to workers for just-in-time needs with real-time responses from caregivers

Pre-packaged credential templates streamline your workflow

Fill-rate reporting

Unlimited work history reporting for accurate record-keeping

Online review of invoice reconciliation for easy access
Real-time view of open orders with easy to read specific instructions for any special requirements

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BlueSky has spent decades in the healthcare staffing industry and has witnessed the predatory nature of managed service providers and vendors for staffing large health systems and assisting in hiring practices. Learn more about how you can reduce your contingent labor overhead costs, but first learn what you may be able to save using the form below.

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