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Fill job orders in moments with Caregivers from any of your agencies.

What does it mean to be vendor-neutral?

A Vendor-Neutral VMS created specifically for healthcare can help you make better decisions. No longer will your job orders be held hostage by the bureaucratic process, causing untold agony to your Recruiting team. Your client needs a position filled. Your recruiters need to place candidates, not shuffle papers, struggle with spreadsheets or manage manual credentialing.

BlueSky VMS is different than the competition as a result of the specificity and detail we place on healthcare needs. Our software was originally designed as a VMS platform for a multi-hospital system in Ohio. Sounds like madness but we aren't crazy; we're just striving to help healthcare staffing practices improve. We know more than the next team and are happy to prove it without obligation, book a conversation today and learn why.

Since BlueSky is NOT a staffing agency, it remains neutral in the competition for candidate placement, providing you an advantage.

Vendor management is expensive and eats a lot of time.

Instead of your team doing that work, let technology take the reins.

We have expanded our VMS offering to encompass staffing agencies that desire to be their own MSP.  MSP agencies that use BlueSky reliably see increased fill rates with higher speed to market, and with more qualified caregivers.

Streamline your entire process - from recruiting to payroll and everything in between. Empower yourself to manage workflow, have full transparency into your team's activities, placements and your company's revenue with state of the art reports and customizable dashboards.

Caregivers will love working for you because of the CG Mobile App, giving them access schedules, the ability to apply for open jobs, time-clocking and expense reporting.

INSTANT relay of open orders to candidates for those critical placement needs. Bonus perk, this can include extra notes!

The most accurate reporting on the market with unlimited work history storage and recall, KPI reports (like fill-rate by facility location) and more.

Real-time view of open orders with easy-to-read specific instructions for any special requirements.

A cloud-based browser platform and mobile app for sending schedules, receiving credentials, historical records and efficient communication.

Easy portal access for vendors, clients, candidates, caregivers, employees and anyone else you need in there.

Managing compliance and credentialing can be EASY.

Our “SMART Credential Module” is in constant contact with all parties, with time release triggers to keep pending expirations front and center.


    Automatic notifications of upcoming expiring documents that you can customize timelines for.


    Instantly and safely back up and store candidate profile information online.


    Eliminate the risk of candidates being matched to job orders with out-of-date certifications or licensure.


    Reliably produce documentation to verify compliance for Joint Commission and other audits.


    Easily manage onboarding, orientations, trainings or other requirements for candidates.

What do you use to schedule your candidates?

If your client is not scheduling the Caregiver after orientation, then you are. Delete those spreadsheets, things just got a lot better. Our integrated Caregiver scheduling function handles nurse scheduling in the way you have always dreamed about. Match available candidates to shifts visually, save time and earn money. Optimize your clinical talent without adding labor costs, it's possible within the BlueSky VMS for any placement (perm placement, temporary, per diem and others). 


    Improve fill rates and other important metrics with better utilization of existing PRN staffing resources.


    Keep electronic staff profiles to ensure compliance in every shift worked with real-time profile auditing.


    Shift bidding, mass text/voice messaging, smart search, and agency portals keep everyone connected in the cloud.


    Engage with and connect to staff online using personalized settings, filters and notifications.

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Keeping vendors on the same page, consistently, is a dream come true.

You are worth more than constant email reminders, unreturned voicemails and the risk of missed placements. The BlueSky VMS for Agencies is built to enforce consistency amongst vendors. Turn to your subcontracting agencies, keep them hooked into the system, handle all their needs in one place and make your life easier.


    Engage more vendors faster through automated order processing.


    Real-time auditing of staff profiles against all job orders.


    Set up vendor tiers that distribute orders according to your preferences.


    Process as little as one invoice for all vendors, broken down all the way to the unit level.


    Custom and standard reports provide unprecedented insight, helping you optimize vendor performance.

Manage payroll and invoicing how you want to, on your time.

Those repetitive tasks, the menial labor, the lost productivity and the grinding of your teeth don't have to be manual anymore. Set it up on the front, reap the rewards on the back.


    Capture standard and overtime hours worked with proper audit trails, avoiding costly overruns.


    Customize the VMS platform to fit your health system regulations, work rules and policies.


    Create and store all approvals in a single system and manage accurate data that ensures error free billing.


    Integrate with existing systems. Yes, you can keep your accounting software and bank processor!

How much does your VMS cost you?

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BlueSky has spent decades in the healthcare staffing industry and has witnessed the predatory nature of managed service providers and vendors for staffing large health systems and assisting in hiring practices. Learn more about how you can reduce your contingent labor overhead costs, but first learn what you may be able to save using the form below.

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