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BlueSky has healthcare staffing covered from every angle. If you are staffing within the contingent healthcare market including Per Diem, Travel, Locum Tenens, Allied, or Specialty, BlueSky is the system for you.
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Have you been trying to break into PER DIEM staffing?

BlueSky is the only healthcare staffing software that readily accommodates PER DIEM, TRAVEL, LOCUM TENENS, physician, nurse, and allied health staffing for temporary and permanent positions.

Healthcare Staffing Made Easier

Medical staffing is the most complex segment of temporary assignments.

Obviously, healthcare is a heavily regulated environment with significant statutory requirements that can change from one jurisdiction to the next.

With 30+ years of national and international experience in medical staffing, leveraging BlueSky’s platform to help you navigate a complex regulatory landscape is a smart choice.


Joint Commission

Our experience in the industry has helped many satisfied customers achieve and maintain Joint Commission Certification. BlueSky moves beyond credentialing, and includes a diverse range of documentation.

We realize your system must be designed to take into account such variables as jurisdiction, facility specific, unit or cost center, and even certifications for specific equipment. BlueSky provides unlimited configurability for ease of management.

Audits are feared no more.

Competency and Credentialing

BlueSky provides you with the ability to customize competency requirements as deeply as you need. We can let you get as specific as the type or brand of equipment that is used for a specialized assignment.

Competency testing, as well as mandatory evaluations become a part of the candidate’s profile, and are also date and time stamped for your future reference.

BlueSky has a seamless integration with Prophecy that allows you to send your caregivers clinical assessments directly from BlueSky. The results will return into BlueSky and be archived there for you to refer to in the future.

Credential expiration auto-notifications and warnings, can also be customized according to your need and individual facility requirements.

credential management unlike any other

Increase Your Speed to Market

Submitting candidates fast is the name of the game and we can help.

BlueSky gives you proposal template power, remembering what is needed to submit a candidate to your client in just the right way. BlueSky puts your candidate’s perfect proposal package together quickly, so you don’t have to.

Paired with  customizable web-based access for PC and mobile, allowing information to flow as quickly as possible from your agency, candidates, clients and subcontractors.

BlueSky also enables you to quickly parse resumes and reach out to your smartly matched candidates with mass emails, click-to-call, auto-dialers and text messages.  

BlueSky simply helps you recruit faster. Check out our new product for pay package calculations if you like things fast.

Fill Your Candidate Pool with Quality Talent

Getting the largest pool of quality talent is vital, so BlueSky automates the processes for you. Transferring lists, leads, and resumes into your BlueSky system is simple and fast giving you a sortable and easy to use database. Integrations with leading job boards and other key sites allow you to grab the best talent before your competition does.


Nurse Staffing

BlueSky’s seamless integration with Prophecy Nurse Testing allows you to send assessments directly from BlueSky. Your caregiver will receive and complete the test, and the results will automatically show up in your BlueSky system saving you time and paperwork.

Physicians & Specialty

Managing multi-hospital privileges as well as malpractice reporting are key parts of locum tenens assignments.
Allied professionals require their own discipline-specific requirements and are easily managed with BlueSky.

Since methods of pay can change, be it 1099 or W2, and periods for payrolls and invoicing can be different from facility to facility, staying on top of it all can be an Accounting nightmare. BlueSky provides front-end settings that simplify your workflow to make sure your reconciliation provides you with exactly what you need.

scheduling per diem demo

Per Diem Scheduling

BlueSky provides many ways for you to populate your database. Allowing you to import lists, contact information, and specialized skill sets you can build your database quickly.

Easy search functions are essential so that you can quickly identify the right candidate for the job. BlueSky’s granular keyword searches help you do that, identifying those workers with very specialized skill sets fast.

BlueSky enables you to cross match candidates and suggests partial fills to help you and your clients avoid overtime hours.

BlueSky even helps you facilitate clear and fast communication across the board. With beautifully integrated mass-communication features such as bulk email, texting and dialing you can reach your entire database with a click of a button.

Travel Staffing

Time is money, and pulling out a calculator to manage the financial impact of a contract isn’t the answer. BlueSky can quickly show you the expected margin for each assignment by automating the burden along with non-taxable calculations to provide you with a range of choices for each assignment.

Integrated GSA rates are available for quick reference, and give you real-time access the local rates by zip code. Local tax rates, special overtime calculations such as daily overtime, and even tax home assignment are available within BlueSky.

BlueSky gives you the approximate mileage from the candidate’s home to the actual assignment. Mileage reimbursements can also be calculated based on the client’s reimbursement rates.

scheduling demonstration

“BlueSky has helped us increase both our efficiency and effectiveness in our staffing business. We have a multitude of reports to choose from, the staffing and contract modules are quick and simple and the software itself is very intuitive. Not to mention, the customer service and speed at which requests are responded to is top notch. We may not be BlueSky’s biggest client, but we sure are treated like we are.”

Rick Benvenuto
Accountable Healthcare Solutions

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