8 Ways to Cut Labor Costs in Your Hospital

    SIGNIFICANT HEALTHCARE LABOR MANAGEMENT COSTS CHALLENGE HEALTH SYSTEMS Labor costs are one of the largest expenses for most hospitals, so tight management of staffing and ...

    Achieve and Maintain Financial Wellness as Healthcare Professionals

    Post exclusively written for whatisbluesky.com by Birdine Johnsie

    8 Key Updates: US in for 18-mo pandemic; 52% of COVID-19 patients are < 55

    In the COVID-19 pandemic, 10,755 American cases have been reported, along with 154 deaths, as of 12 p.m. CDT, March 19. Worldwide, 229,390 cases and 9,325 deaths have been ...

    What are the difficulties Health Systems face with recent technology?

    Health System Difficulties with Technology Hospitals and health systems are being forced to adapt to ever-changing technology systems in the name of pursuing the best care for ...

    2020 Healthcare Trends: Set Health Goals That You Can Reach

    4 Ways to Set – and Achieve – Healthy Goals for 2020. Ready to ring in the new year with a set of healthy goals you can keep? Well, if you're like most, those well-intentioned ...

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    nurse backpack mobile credential management for medical professionals

    BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is an applicant tracking system, vendor management system, staff/nurse scheduling system and invoice/payroll tool combined into one suite for clinical talent and contingent labor management.  It benefits many staffing and healthcare industries, solving a plethora of expensive operational problems in business and organizations.

    BlueSky is the only staffing software available on the market today that is healthcare specific, accommodates full lifecycle recruitment, front to back office workflows, medical credential management, vendor management, automation and more.