2023 Year in Review

Posted by Tim Teague on 12/18/23 12:17 PM

Topics: Health Care Staffing, Software Releases, travel nursing, Contract Labor

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked upon at BlueSky. In the ever-evolving landscape of hospital staffing, this year has been nothing short of transformative. Join us as we take a look back at the milestones, innovations, and collaborative successes that defined our 2023.... and join us for a peek at 2024!

Export Builder: In 2023, we launched "Export Builder", making it easier for users to configure, customize and export almost any kind of information they need from the system.

Why we love it: Users will have even more flexibility in getting the data they need, easily and efficiently. We look forward to expanding Export Builder into more pages!


Mobile App Push Notifications: We enhanced the mobile app experience by introducing push notifications for unsubmitted timesheets and alerts for new job matches! Additionally, caregivers receive twice-daily notifications informing them of the number of new job postings. 

Why we love it: This key update keeps caregivers informed and engaged - ensuring they never miss out on potential opportunities.


Shift Work Scheduling Calendar: We rolled out a series of updates to enhance per diem scheduling. This feature simplifies the process of scheduling various shifts at a single facility by allowing efficient bulk scheduling. 

  Why we love it: Users can easily create and manage shifts over extended periods, making scheduling much, much easier. 


Redesigned Facility Calendar: The refreshed calendar gives users a complete view of all shifts and includes color-coding for quick identification. Our new "Use for 'New Shift'" module pre-fills key fields like Unit, Degree and Speciality.

Why we love it: We're committed to making per diem scheduling easier and more efficient and the updated calendar speeds up the scheduling process. 


Facility "Shifts" Customization: We overhauled Facility Shifts, adding more functionality surrounding shift definition. Now, users can see all of the available shift types and this feature allows for facility-specific parameters directly in the grid. 

Why we love it: 2023 has been all about speed and efficiency. This feature helps users assign shifts faster! 


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Let's take a look at what we've got cooking for 2024!

  • Linked Required Documents: Fulfilling one requirement covers related ones
  • Automated Release of Jobs: Automated release system for subcontracting company tiers
  • New Workspace Metrics
  • Expanded "Bulk Change" Options
  • Removing Shift Applications: Delete or recall shift applications, giving you and your caregivers more control and flexibility. 
  • Lots of Updates to our Mobile App, including features to make scheduling easier for caregivers and new notifications that support caregiver-initiated cancellations



124401379_372302477216852_3956132087598176642_n-240x300Tim Teague

President, BlueSky Synergy


Tim is a thought leader in the contingent labor market place. His latest technology approach takes advantage of hospitals developing their own "gig" workforce. This technology is similar to what staffing agencies have enjoyed for years.


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