BlueSky Synergy Unveils Revolutionary BlueSky Network, Linking Agencies to Hospitals for Effortless Staffing Integration

Posted by Tim Teague on 4/25/24 1:05 PM

Topics: Health Care Staffing, travel nursing, VMS, MSP, Contract Labor

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software today announced an innovative feature to its flagship platform. The BlueSky Network establishes a direct connection between participating staffing agencies and the hospitals they staff when both are connected to the BlueSky Network. Reducing duplicate work and speeding time-to-fill, both the agency and hospital will benefit from enhanced efficiency and accuracy in job orders.

“We’ve been asked for this feature for a long time,” said BlueSky President, Tim Teague. “When an agency has to log into two different systems just to get a job order into their BlueSky staffing software, it adds time and has the potential for errors. The BlueSky Network creates an integration from a staffing agency’s BlueSky system to a hospital, or MSP-run, BlueSky system and reduces manual data entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.”

The direct connection feature in BlueSky represents a significant advancement in healthcare staffing technology, offering participating agencies and hospitals a seamless solution to optimize their staffing processes. With real-time integration, agencies can now allocate resources more efficiently, respond to staffing needs more quickly, and ensure that hospitals have the right staff in place to deliver quality patient care.

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software will continue to lead the way in driving innovation and efficiency in healthcare staffing with tools for modern hospitals and staffing agencies; all with the mission of improving patient care for all.


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