Temporary staffing in healthcare today is hard and the tools you use for the job can make or break you.

Get the Best Talent

The number of available candidates in the market is finite. Competition is fierce, and speed is of the essence. Quick identification and onboarding of the right talent can set you apart from your competition.

BlueSky provides many ways for you to populate your database. Allowing you to import lists, contact information, and specialized skill sets you can build your database quickly.

Easy search functions are essential so that you can quickly identify the right candidate for the job. BlueSky’s granular keyword searches help you do that, identifying those workers with very specialized skill sets fast.


Maximizing your resources is like a giant puzzle. BlueSky solves puts the pieces together for you.

Enabling you to cross matching candidates and suggesting partial fills to help you and your clients avoid overtime hours, BlueSky is a true partner helping you to increase your profitability.


BlueSky helps you facilitate clear and fast communication across the board. With beautifully integrated mass-communication features such as bulk email, texting and dialing you can reach your entire database with a click of a button. With our Outlook integration you can store emails in BlueSky for archiving and for your team to easily see.
Get your workforce actively engaged. Candidates can stay in touch wherever they are through BlueSky’s Mobile App, designed to allow application to open shifts, adjustments to availability calendars and uploading of approved timesheets right in to BlueSky.