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BlueSky Staffing Software offers vendor-neutral recruiting functions, scheduling capabilities for multiple facilities, skills tests and competency testing, compliance and credential management, and even more.

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Vendor Management Software (VMS)

Spreadsheets are not the best way to do this anymore. Multi-level user permissions, detailed requirement customization, you name it - we have a process for it.

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Simplify Healthcare Needs

Facility and department specific requirements, state-by-state licensure needs, travel accommodations and other complexities are solved within a single software portal.

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Client Focused Feature Updates

Bi-annual software upgrades resulting from client feedback, desired features, and integration options to keep your staffing team competitive.

bluesky medical staffing software
  • When I came into my current position, I was concerned with BlueSky and the program; however, after further review found it was actually [our company] not using the system as it is to be (mind you I also researched Bullhorn, Avionte, Clearvue, Staff Bridge and others). The [BlueSky Team] has been amazing to work with and we are definitely seeing internal improvements at [our company].

    Cathy Vollmer

    VP of Operations
  • BlueSky's software is incredibly intuitive and feature-rich. I looked at a number of medical staffing software, even cancelling a contract with a competitor after seeing how much more BlueSky offers. Adding records, keeping track of employee documents and even obtaining employee signatures is a breeze with BlueSky.

    Kathy H

  • Bluesky Medical Staffing Software is one of the best thing that happened in my organisation, as it has helped alot in managing the staffing of our medical facility from recruitment of staffs, to even payment of the already working staffs. It's easy to monitor the nurses and doctors working in the hospital on how their duty is allocated and the time that they are expected to be on duty.

    Victor N

    Medical Doctor
  • Great product for healthcare staffing! I love the depth of the software. There is a learning curve but the support team is AWESOME. My healthcare staffing is more centralized and documentation is always current.

    Valarie V


Staffing Workflows From Sourcing To Billing

Automate your processes for improved speed to market, an active candidate pipeline, higher quality leads, accurate credentialing and assured compliance. With ongoing software development to keep you on the leading edge in physician, nurse, and allied health staffing for temporary and permanent positions, BlueSky software helps you manage and track your entire front to back office operations.

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A Platform That Scales With Your Growth

Whether you are a startup just getting your feet wet or a multi-million dollar company looking for a way to continue your growth and improve your processes, BlueSky has a product that will work and grow with you. With a Caregiver mobile app, a cloud-based system built for mobile accessibility, over 2100 permission portals, and a development team available to make the custom changes you need to improve your workflows, healthcare staffing has never been this efficient.

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Be Who You Need To Be

We know that you have to consider variable setups in billing weeks, pay weeks, overtime pay and billing, and each part of your back office is critical to operations. BlueSky Staffing Software empowers you to automate or report on any part of the process, contain certain teams to their respective workflows, and custom format your invoices and billing for each subcontracting agency or client.

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BlueSky Staffing Software Solutions

We don't have to reinvent the wheel and are always ready to connect to your preferred platforms.

Mobile Apps

BlueSky's Caregiver Mobile App removes the pain from capturing Caregiver time and attendance. With more features constantly under development, you receive the most efficient mobile access and keep your staffing software up-to-date.

Resume Parsing

The last thing you want your recruiters to do is data entry for days. Speed up that process with VMS to ATS automation.


Text, call, email reminders, email marketing, you live in a world of technology and communication between recruiters and candidates has never been easier.

Background Checks

Universal Background Screenings, drug testing, verification and more. Partnered with the nation's largest employee verification platform, BlueSky also keeps options open to work with who you choose.

Competencies and Skills

Someone has to prove the candidate really has those skills, and that doesn't have to feel like herding cats anymore. Currently partnered with Relias Learning Management System, formerly Prophecy testing.


Global Cash Card, QuickBooks, ADP, Oracle, whichever system you prefer we have a way to keep platforms on the same page. We will work with your team to import and export data how you need it, or keep it all consolidated in BlueSky.

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