Applicant Tracking Systems Increase Efficiency for Healthcare Demands

Posted by RiAnn Bradshaw on 1/22/21 12:23 PM

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Staffing Agencies and Hiring Managers at Hospitals Directly Benefit from Proper Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems, or ATS, help recruiters and human resource professionals acquire candidates, process them through job applications and interviews, healthcare credentialing and credential management, background checks and drug screenings, competency testing and formal agreement to hold a position. Bolstering the entire front to back office process, some applicant tracking systems in healthcare even assist with scheduling and placements for both the facility and the vendor or subcontracting agency.

Applicant tracking systems in healthcare are often provided by software companies that attempt to serve multiple industries and be the consultative expert in many things. Those teams sometimes consist of inexperienced representatives for healthcare or demonstrate a "too big to fail" business practice that harms the healthcare staffing industry.

Make healthcare staffing less complicated and more structured with BlueSky Medical Staffing Software. The BlueSky Vendor Management System accommodates and plans for the complex needs of healthcare staffing and contingent labor management. Bolstered by decades of healthcare staffing management experience, a consistent team, and regularly scheduled feature upgrades, your staffing agency or human resource professionals will reach new levels of productivity. 


Receive or distribute job orders and needs.

As a Facility

Your central staffing office or human resources and hiring teams are working at their maximum bandwidth possible. You have multiple vendors to manage. You have multiple locations, units, departments, your unit managers are losing their minds. You're losing your mind. But wait! There has to be a way to manage this chaos.

Provide customized access to internal and external users to selected features within your software portal. Automate sending out job needs en masse or using a tiered distribution. Manage your float pools. Leverage analytics that demonstrate vendor performance. 

As an Agency

Build your pipeline with qualified applicants. Credential and thoroughly vet them in preparation. Automatically match the need to healthcare providers in your system. 

As a Subcontracting Agency

Be notified the moment a job need hits the market. Automatically match the need to healthcare providers in your system. Propose them to your client facility with ease.

Communicate efficiently with vendors.

The need has been filled. Reverse invoice and notify your vendor staffing agencies on a schedule, automatically. Manage changing documentation and compliance requirements with consistency.

Communicate quickly with facilities.

Provide qualified healthcare providers to your clients. Never miss an opportunity for placements due to gaps in caregiver documentation. Engage with your facility clients regularly.


Make the application and onboarding process easier, faster, more efficient.

Long applications have user drop-off rates of roughly half. That means every other applicant, a potential converted healthcare provider that you could place in a position, simply gives up in the middle of the application experience. They do this because:

  • The application is not mobile friendly.
  • The application is too long and requires duplicate data entry.
  • It asks irrelevant questions for an application.

Improve that candidate application experience and you will find a more robust pipeline in a matter of days. The best candidates know they are the best, and will not put up with a bloated application.

Hire for multiple healthcare provider discipline and specialty requirements.

No matter how the job need enters your view, you are empowered to recruit, hire, place and schedule for multiple disciplines, specialties, facilities, departments, units and more.

Process and screen applicants automatically and equitably.

Reduce inherent bias in candidate screening. Ensure consistency without missing qualified candidates. Save time for other duties your recruiters and hiring managers can work on. 

Credential and onboard placements accurately with increased speed.

DO NOT OUTSOURCE CREDENTIALING! With the right tools, your current team will be able to tackle the compliance and credential document management precisely as needed for the Joint Commission.

Quality is key.

Sure, the temporary staffing process is now faster. This is only a good thing when the candidates and placements are the best fit for the job. With technology and data screening for a multitude of factors, your candidates will be the top of the list for any proposal.


Stay compliant even amidst the complexities in healthcare staffing.

Your team cannot possibly forget that tiny license renewal for the travel nurse in Oklahoma (or whoever) with customizable, automated notifications for any and all required documents.


Review on-demand business intelligence and KPI reporting.

A solution to healthcare staffing processes and recruiter workflows should be affordable. After all, your gains and ROI should go back into your budget.

Review vendor or recruiter performance regularly.

Your recruiters' KPIs (key performance indicators) should be easy to access. Dashboards built for the industry with flexibility and permission controls enhance your team's and managers' potential for productivity. Good data in, good data out.

Develop better business practices and budgets.

Centralize the ultimate source of truth for your databases and business operations. You should be enabled to save time with automation parallel with gaining transparency into staffing workflows.

Proposing candidates to clients will become accurate and efficient.


Integrate with industry compatible service providers.

It is dangerous to try to be all things for all industries. A wearer of all hats has no time to be a master of one. Therefore, an applicant tracking system and vendor management software should integrate with service providers for things like data scraping, payroll processing, and even if there is a current time clock software your team just cannot move away from, that can pass data back and forth too.

Resume data processing.

Parse those resumes with accuracy, intelligence and speed.

Automated communications and candidate marketing.

Schedule notices and outreach for common triggers. Work to engage your pipeline and increase future placement rates.

Expand workflow capabilities.

The potential is almost limitless. Don't be pigeon-holed into a software process that just does not work efficiently anymore. Spreadsheets are no longer a limit. Manual data entry is no longer a limit. Repetitive processes are no longer a limit. 


Cloud-based, secure, and built to scale.

Accessible from all devices, securely structured, supported and hosted in cutting edge technical environments; BlueSky Medical Staffing Software and Vendor Management Software is available to your organization, at any scale or size.



More than an applicant tracking system or vendor management software.

Think of BlueSky as a Total Recruitment Platform for Healthcare. You and your team deserve to use the right tools. Reach out today and learn why BlueSky wants to help you.


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