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If your healthcare staffing agency fills VMS shifts, then your life is about to get easier. BlueSky's partnership with JobRobotix allows you to sync BlueSky's scheduling platform with most VMS platforms through automation technology.

  • Save time - stop all of the manual data entry and let JobRobotix do the work for you.
  • Recruit more - have more time in the day to draw talent to your agency.
  • Fill jobs faster - gone are the days of having to switch screens, copy/paste to manually enter in the latest VMS orders. JobRobotix does that for you, which lets your team simply fill shifts in record time.
  • Beat the competition to the punch.
  • Now you can easily and quickly forward new job and cancellation orders from various VMS platforms, in numerous formats such as text, emails, or spreadsheets, to BlueSky via JobRobotix for fast candidate matching.

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