Three Tips to Automate Healthcare Staffing Credentialing

Posted by Julie Moore

Automated Healthcare Credentialing is Key to You Staffing Agency’s Success

describe the imageWe all know by now that the Affordable Healthcare Act is a game changer for healthcare and it is not any different for a healthcare staffing agency.  Healthcare credentialing is the most time consuming and costly process in staffing but also mitigates the biggest risk of non-compliance if done accurately. 

Up until a few years ago, healthcare credentialing had been mainly a paper process but the development of healthcare staffing software has replaced paper. To stay competitive healthcare staffing agencies are going to be forced to further automate and streamline their processes. 

Here are three tips that can help push your healthcare staffing credentialing to the next level.

1. Integrate Systems

The biggest time saver and area for improvement for healthcare staffing agencies, even if you have a healthcare applicant tracking system, agencies will need to integrate their current credentialing software with a healthcare applicant tracking system and healthcare staffing software. Integration is key because it is one way to mitigate human error within the credentialing process. 

Credentialing Systems that can easily integrate with BlueSky are:

Prophecy Healthcare was the groundbreaker for online clinical competency testing and checklists for the healthcare industry. They continue to lead the industry with their new behavioral and situational exams created specifically for the healthcare professional.  Using Prophecy the integration healthcare staffing agencies can request all clinical competencies out of BlueSky and then track and manage all expiration dates quickly and easily.

Universal Background Screening is a healthcare industry leader in real time web-based background check technology.   Using Universal’s secure and cutting edge technology, through integration, healthcare staffing agency’s can reduce the risk and liability of the background check process. 

You Sign Here is an electronic signature software that is fully integrated with BlueSky to where you can not only manage all of your credentials but also manage all facility contracts and healthcare provider conformation letters.  Using all of the points of integration that You Sign Here offers with BlueSky allows your credentialing staff to trust that each document is signed and completed without error.   

2. Automate Credential Notifications

Tracking expiration dates and automatically notifying your recruits about expired licenses and other credentials is extremely important.  This gives more time back to your credentialing team allowing them to be not only more through but allows them to credential more candidates – helping your bottom line! 

BlueSky has three unique features that help credentialing teams do their job quicker and better.  

  • Auto archive old documents automatically when a new document has been received.
  • See credentials in same screen as the expiration dates which reduces the risk of entering or verifying erroneous dates.
  • Use the Healthcare Professional Portal to where the candidate can see, track and upload their own credentials proactively with an agency verification process.

3. Facility Portal

Having all of your credentials stored in one central location with facility access is a great feature to offer your clients.  If Joint Commission walks in the door to your healthcare facility they can have real time access to your healthcare applicant tracking system to see only the healthcare professionals that have worked in their facility. 

Do you know what is even better? If you are the master vendor or VMS for that healthcare facility they can have all of their temporary staffs credentials managed in one central location.  Imagine how this could help revolutionize your local healthcare facility and solidify the need for your agency working in that facility.

Overall automation reduces out of compliance risk factors.  If your agency automates processes and integrate systems into a healthcare applicant tracking software ultimately your staff choose best candidate for the job.   Remember, healthcare facility’s are going to choose agencies that will help them with their bottom line and having great healthcare professionals and great technology will help achieve this goal. 

If you are interested in how BlueSky can help you automate and streamline your process click here and fill out the form one of our sales professionals will be in touch.

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