Benefits to Staffing Software - SMART Candidate Matching

Posted by Tim Teague on 11/27/19 11:00 AM


It’s no secret that healthcare recruiting is changing rapidly, thanks to technology.  And that’s good news for healthcare recruiters and hiring professionals looking to identify and onboard the most highly skilled medical professionals available.

For hospital administrators, healthcare hiring managers and HR professionals, investing in the right technology can streamline the recruitment process and help keep up with staffing demand. Leveraging today’s healthcare recruiting technology can also help reduce the amount of time recruiters spend on sourcing candidates – while ensuring you’re tapping into the very best candidates for the job.  

But how do you know which technology solution is right for your healthcare hiring needs? The following examples illustrate how to get the most out of your recruiting technology:   

SMART Candidate Job Matching

There may be a lot of candidates out there – but which one has the best qualifications for your open position? Having access to the latest onboarding technology is a must. For example, utilizing applicant tracking system (ATS) software allows recruiters to easily connect with their existing website to create an integrated job board.  

An ATS allows candidates to apply directly onto your company’s website allowing healthcare recruiters and hiring managers to automatically match applicants to jobs based on specialty, availability and credentials. The result? Better matching of candidates, a shorter time-to-hire, plus improved automation and efficiency. 

More Time on Recruiting, Less Time on Admin 

Traditional methods of receiving resumes in different file formats, pouring over qualifications and manually entering them into the candidate database are tiring and time-consuming. 

While these “administrative” tasks were a necessary evil, they actually made it harder to find the right candidates. But with an applicant tracking system, recruiters can use the software to literally automate the entire recruiting process. That means you’re able to quickly match candidates based on pre-determined criteria – with very little chance of the right person falling through the old paper trail cracks.

Integration Goes a Long Way 

Since software platforms need to literally “talk to each other” and sourcing candidates from different avenues is vital, it’s important to use healthcare staffing software that can cast a wide hiring net by integrating with other software partners, including major jobs boards and social media platforms. This enables recruiters to expand their reach to find the right talent, while reducing staff workload, and streamlining the overall hiring process. 


Healthcare staffing software that maximizes candidate matching, enhances recruiting workflow, and improves speed-to-market can dramatically affect your bottom line. It’s an invaluable tool for ensuring the highest possible job conversion rates for hospital administrators, hiring managers, and healthcare recruiting firms!

With a complete front-to-back office solution built specifically for the healthcare staffing market, BlueSky has the applicant tracking system software expertise to ensure efficient and effective candidate job matching. To learn more, request our demo!

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