2020 Healthcare Trends: Mergers, Acquisitions and Who Loses When Companies Gain

Posted by RiAnn Bradshaw on 2/11/20 11:30 AM

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A monopoly in motion as Healthcare Staffing Agency  purchases locum tenens software provider.

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CHG Healthcare, the nation's largest privately held healthcare staffing company, announced today the acquisition of LocumsMart, the leading locum tenens vendor management system (VMS).

CHG's high-touch, people-first approach and industry-leading physician staffing capabilities — paired with the high-tech workflow and tools LocumsMart provides — will create the most complete staffing solution in the locum tenens industry.

"This acquisition combines the power of CHG — the company who founded the locum tenens industry 40 years ago and still leads it today — with LocumsMart, the leading locums VMS solution that transformed the way clients use a VMS to manage their business," says Scott Beck, CEO of CHG Healthcare. "This will create an unmatched experience for our clients."

"CHG Healthcare has long been the gold standard for locum tenens staffing because of the quality of their providers and the service they offer their customers," says Aaron Paul, CEO of LocumsMart. "We're excited to use our technology to enhance the experience for CHG customers, while continuing to serve our healthcare clients across the country."

LocumsMart will remain a standalone brand in the CHG family of companies.

CHG also acquired Modio Health, a cloud-based credentialing and career management solution for healthcare providers and organizations, in 2019.

Original article in its entirety here.

What does this mean for the healthcare temp staffing market?

This means that one agency, that already owns many agencies, just purchased the nation's largest "vendor neutral" vendor management software system.  A VMS is used to manage, distribute and process job orders, among other things.  If a VMS is no longer vendor neutral, then job orders are placed in the hands of those who play favorites.  Delaying the job order being filled subsequently impacts the healthcare provider in need of the contingent labor.  In the end, the surrounding community suffers from the twists and turns it took to get a professional onsite at the healthcare facility.

The position that their acquisition of a software vendor is groundbreaking and only now provides a complete solution for the first time in the industry is a surprising claim, especially since BlueSky Medical Staffing Software and it's leadership has been around for twenty years, providing industry expertise and high-value insight into these smoke-and-mirror tactics. Our software is widely accommodating and built specifically for healthcare staffing complexities.  Placed head to head in a comparison of functionality, granularity, and integrative capacity, plus a neutral pool of resources, BlueSky wins each time.

Looking towards YOUR future...

There is another solution: BlueSky offers that software.  If you're a healthcare staffing agency working with travel nurses, per diem, locum tenens, allied healthcare or others our software is built for you.

Are you one of those healthcare professionals?  Check out our cloud-based credential management app FREE for end-users @ Nurse Backpack.

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