Benefits of Staffing Software for Travel Nursing

Posted by Tim Teague on 7/24/19 11:00 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

It’s now well established that staffing software aids healthcare companies and nurse recruiters for a myriad of reasons. However, certain specialties within medical staffing may find technological solutions particularly beneficial. The high-stress world of “travel nursing” is one of these.

Companies that aren’t currently utilizing state-of-the-art software are at an incredible disadvantage. Here are some of the top reasons now’s the time for agencies to upgrade their technology.

Solutions for Urgency

Deadlines are commonplace in healthcare staffing. But, the world of travel nursing is exceptionally time-sensitive. Agencies that don’t implement effective recruiting software have little chance of making placements, given the vast competition.

A comprehensive staffing solution enables recruiters to quickly identify and match travel nurses with urgent contracts. The technology also helps to optimize time management, reducing the number of “fires” that must be addressed. Agencies that proactively track engagement calendars, for example, don’t run the risk of losing out on contract extensions.

Credentialing Compliance

One of the biggest benefits to advanced staffing software is the effective oversight of nurse credentialing. And, the technological tools are particularly relevant in travel nursing. Some laws, regulations and compliance expectations vary from state to state and hospital to hospital. A robust software solution helps agencies to keep track of all the various requirements.

State Labor Laws

In addition to varying credentialing expectations, different states and municipalities often have unique labor laws. While a travel nurse is earning significantly more than minimum wage in any of the 50 states, there may be regional differences in overtime and holiday pay expectations. Healthcare companies with up-to-date staffing software are far less likely to make mistakes and reduce the risk of penalties and litigation.

Speed to Market

A staffing agency that works with travel nurses is likely to serve a variety of clients across the country with various forms of Vendor Management (VMS) technology. Recruiting firms that don’t have staffing software — or those with outdated systems — may find it harder to quickly submit proposals, resulting in a lost placement.


Agencies with advanced staffing software obviously enjoy many advantages over their competition. But, the benefits with regards to travel nursing are especially tangible. The urgent and complicated nature of the business is best managed by a robust technological solution.

If you’re a nurse staffing agency in need of top-notch medical recruiting software, consider the industry’s best option today!


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