Benefits to Healthcare Staffing Software 10: VMS Platform

Posted by Tim Teague on 10/30/19 11:00 AM

Many healthcare recruiting agencies and medical organizations understand that modern software solutions are critical to success. However, some have yet to implement an advanced VMS platform. Given that the staffing industry is more competitive than ever, now’s a good time for industry leaders to reassess the technology’s virtues.

Here are 6 tangible ways VMS software directly benefits healthcare recruiting operations:


Nurses and clinicians are in high demand, which is great news for healthcare recruiting companies. However, this demand is being met with more supply (recruiting competitors). Therefore, there are two forces at work requiring companies to push for volume placements.

High-volume staffing is what will separate successful agencies from those that fail in the years to come. And VMS software is absolutely mandatory to meet the needs. The technology can assume a MSP role for staffing companies of all sizes. This functionality levels the playing field and allows these firms to scale their operations despite having fewer resources than the big players.

Control –

A comprehensive VMS solution brings “control” back to the recruiting agency or direct employer. While contingency staff may work for outside organizations across the country, the agency can handle all administrative and payroll functions in-house. Therefore, many staffing businesses find that a VMS solution empowers them to better-meet KPIs.

Cost-Savings –

In addition to helping recruiting agencies maintain better control over their operational functions, comprehensive VMS technology also provides significant cost savings. Fewer outside vendors are needed to complete administrative duties, resulting in lower overhead and improved profit margins. Companies can essentially eliminate a handful of “middlemen.”

Access –

Several VMS benefits overlap, and “access” piggybacks off of both “control” and “cost-savings.” A robust VMS platform provides an agency with unsurpassed access to real-time staffing, operational and financial data. The centralization of critical information means that those who should have access to it can gain access to it anytime. Moreover, the critical data isn’t lost in cases of management or office staff turnover.

Transparency –

Healthcare staffing companies work with many third parties, and it’s difficult to have transparency when operating at the mercy of outside organizations. However, a vender-neutral VMS platform means that agency leaders can independently monitor the status of outside labor. Internally, they can also view recruiting activity status in real time, including status updates regarding: placements, projections and revenue.

Efficiency –

Advanced VMS solutions enable healthcare recruiting companies to integrate front-end applicant tracking system (ATS) functions with back-end staffing and administration operations. Essentially, this capability affords less redundancy and reduces data entry needs for lower labor costs, better speed-to-market and streamlined processes.

Most healthcare recruiting leaders are at least somewhat tech-savvy and understand the importance of efficiency-focused software. However, many have lagged behind in recent VMS developments. The bottom line is that the right VMS solution positions healthcare staffing agencies of all sizes for success now and in the years to come.

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