Benefits for Healthcare Schedulers with BlueSky Staffing Software

Posted by Tim Teague on 9/25/19 11:00 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

Healthcare recruiting success requires tenacity, accuracy, and speed-to-market. While moving quickly relates to all aspects of the business, from placing job ads to credentialing, it is particularly relevant during the scheduling phase. Healthcare recruiting agencies bring value to their clients by quickly filling job orders, pure-and-simple.

Here are the top 7 ways scheduling software can grow your medical staffing business:


Skills Matching

Advanced scheduling software helps recruiters to quickly match candidates with necessary skill sets. Robust databases are every recruiting agency’s bread-and-butter. However, the right navigating tools are necessary to filter through all of that information.


Database Population

Healthcare recruiting databases can now be created and updated through advanced technology that automatically imports lists and various forms of contact information. Seamless integration of various technology platforms saves countless hours of manual-entry labor. It also facilitates better speed-to-market.


Labor Management & OT

It’s very easy for a healthcare recruiter to lose track of a nurse or medical worker’s hours. Oversights can be costly and also trigger labor code violations and penalties. Advanced scheduling software automatically recommends available fill-in workers to avoid overtime situations and other logistical challenges.


Integrated Mass Communication

The ability to quickly send mass emails and text messages is critical to the modern healthcare recruiter. The right scheduling software integrates databases with technology that can facilitate mass communication. Effective multitaskers can even leverage this technology while making simultaneous phone calls.


Regional Rates, Taxes & Labor Laws

It’s nearly impossible for any human recruiter to keep up with pay rates, tax liability and labor laws across multiple regions. However, healthcare scheduling software can automatically populate the real-time information and calculate the figures. Not only is time saved, but costly mistakes are avoided as well.


Mileage Calculator

The right scheduling software solution will also include a mileage calculator that helps improve efficiency in a couple of ways. First, it can help filter candidates by job site proximity to their homes. Second, a mileage calculator can help ensure accurate mileage reimbursement on the back end.


Candidate Proposal Templates

Experienced healthcare recruiters understand the importance of properly “packaging” candidates when submitting them to jobs. Pre-made candidate proposal templates that ensure accurate and thorough submissions may not seem like technological marvels. However, they’re invaluable tools for ensuring the highest possible job conversion rates!

In the end, healthcare recruiting firms can increase their chances of success by exploiting every possible tool. Medical staffing software that maximizes scheduling efficiency for improved speed-to-market dramatically affects a company’s bottom line. It also boosts employee morale and ensures a better-functioning office all around.


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