Benefits to Healthcare Staffing Software for Credential Management

Posted by Tim Teague on 8/28/19 10:00 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

Healthcare staffing software has come a long way in recent years, with innovations ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to email marketing integrations. Sometimes, though, the most fundamental of features are those that aid in credential management. Compliance with credentialing expectations must be an absolute imperative for any healthcare recruiting agency.

Here are eight ways advanced medical staffing software can help companies with credential management:

Ensure Compliance –

Healthcare staffing software that prompts users for required credentials helps to mitigate the risk of non-compliance. Credential demands range from Joint Commission expectations to facility protocols. Even the best healthcare recruiters can lose track without some technological support.

Reduce Legal Exposure & Preserve Reputation –

The ramifications of non-compliance in credentialing can be devastating. Legal consequences are an obvious fear, but recruiting agencies also risk losing valued accounts. The healthcare staffing industry is a small world, and credentialing mistakes may even lead to a poor reputation that hurts future opportunities.

Stay Current on Changes – 

Credentialing expectations can change with time. Advanced software helps to ensure that nurse staffing agencies stay compliant in an ever-evolving landscape.

Track Continuing Education

While changes in credentialing expectations are foreseeable challenges, the reality of continuing education is an absolute certainty. Nurses and healthcare professionals must stay current with licensing and CE requirements. So too must the staffing agency provide general oversight.

Increase Administrative Efficiency –

Teams that effectively store and organize credentialing documents will always perform more efficiently than those that don’t. While certain employees may boast “systems” that work for them personally, uniform procedures make the most sense. Advanced staffing software simply provides the best possible document organization solution.

Centralize Access

Having all credentials electronically secured and accessible by appropriate parties is critical in healthcare recruiting. Nobody can predict what the future holds. Business must continue even if a critical team member doesn’t make it into the office.

Expiration Reminders –

Tracking of documentation status can prove a thorn in the side of recruiters. Expired credentials aren’t valid and are a major contributor to non-compliance with Joint Commission and facility expectations. Documents are usually easy to keep current if prompt action is taken, but allowing them to expire can complicate the process.

Document Archives –

Most people can appreciate the challenges of keeping important documents archived. Even on a personal level, it’s sometimes easy to lose track of an old tax form when applying for a loan. Advanced staffing software ensures that healthcare companies maintain all relevant documents for as long as is practically and legally necessary.

In the end, healthcare staffing companies must always prioritize effective credential management. While it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day urgency of placements and candidate outreach efforts, critical administrative tasks must not be overshadowed. Credentialing processes and expectations will only continue to grow more demanding, so wise agencies should employ staffing software that makes life easier.

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