Our newest upgrade release is available, community training next week!

Posted by RiAnn Bradshaw on 12/11/19 3:17 PM

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BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is happy to announce our newest software update Upgrade 5.13. Below are the most anticipated features, please feel free to join us for the Community Training or a scheduled demo if there are additional questions.


Updated Sidebar Widget

Reduce clicks and increase workflow efficiency. New features added to the Widget that allow users to view a recent list of the last five (5) objects worked with, to favorite a list of objects for easy access, and to view a sortable list of all your notes to BSS objects over the last week.


See Contract ID in Timesheet detail

Need to know which Contract a Timesheet is related to? Users can now see the Contract ID number as well as the Shift ID number in the timesheet detail.


Updated filter when searching in the Shifts Grid

Want to search for a shift using a specific Caregiver Status? Users can now search by status in the shifts filter.


New Invoice Type with Shorter Header

In efforts to reduce print-space and improve aesthetics, users now have another invoice option to choose from.


New Search criteria for Caregiver Grid

Users can now search the Caregiver Grid for Caregivers “under contract” during a specified date range.


Improvements to Reports and Imports

Dashboard settings have been updated to improve speed when importing files as well as minor changes to increase the usability of filters and reports.



Our users have requested more customizable evaluations and we are happy to deliver! Users can now configure evaluations to have multiple sections and various structures.


Minimum Required Docs by Region

Users can now quickly and easily change minimum required docs by Region in addition to Facility or Unit in the Admin section.


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