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Posted by RiAnn Bradshaw on 4/21/21 9:08 AM

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Nurse staffing agencies begin their celebrations now that the BlueSky Healthcare Staffing Software Mobile App has released the manager signature feature for timesheet submissions. 

Timesheet collection for nurse staffing companies has been a tedious and unreliable process for years. With this innovative feature release, the BlueSky mobile app update has bridged the gap in operational needs around tracking nurse caregiver time and attendance.

Nurses and caregivers utilize the mobile app to search and apply for open jobs with your agency, retrieve and review their schedule, click for directions to their facility, then track time and attendance with a manager signature, all directly within their phone app. With the bonus of sending expenses and attachments to their recruiter, users of the BlueSky nurse staffing mobile app have a seamless experience to then manage payroll and client invoicing within their workforce management portal.

Staffing agencies can white label their version of the mobile app to further incorporate their brand identity and nurture effective communication between their recruiters and contingent workers. A nurse staffing mobile app that connects directly with your heavy-lifting workforce management software is unique in the hospital and nurse staffing community.

"Our team has worked towards bolstering our client base with feature releases inspired by their needs instead of by trends. We have a unique perspective within the industry and use that to give back to our users and their organizations." Jessica Jefferies, Director of Operations at BlueSky explains. "A good example would be the management of time and attendance. Agencies believe that geo-tracking is the solution but with changes to privacy and regulations on mobile app stores, this is soon to be removed as an option. With that, we decided to pivot to solve the concern, validation of time, instead of just adding a shiny new feature."

With BlueSky Staffing Software, nurse and physician staffing agencies can scale without the risk of revealing proprietary resources to competitors. BlueSky is privately owned, not funded by venture capital, and not acquired by major industry dominators. As the staffing industry becomes more and more consolidated under the staffing giants, small to medium-sized agencies are left to decide if they want to buy or build their human capital management software. By making the switch to BlueSky, staffing agencies mitigate the risk of losing their sourced and retained nurses to competition while still being able to focus on what they do best — place healthcare providers in hospitals and clinical settings.

Book a demo with the BlueSky team today to see how the powerful suite of tools consolidates staffing processes and improves efficiency.

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