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4 Reasons your VMS must include robust integration

In order for a VMS to fully provide key advantages, the platform must be able to integrate.
In order for a VMS to fully provide key advantages, the platform must be able to integrate.

The benefits driving the adoption of vendor management systems in the healthcare staffing industry are hard to argue with. Such intelligent software can help better support internal recruiting and hiring, while streamlining onboarding and scheduling. What's more, a VMS can enable an organization to become its own managed service provider, thereby reducing operating costs and providing a more granular look at the contingent workforce.

However, in order for a VMS to fully provide these and other key advantages for healthcare staffing firms, the platform must be able to integrate with certain other systems and solutions businesses use to support recruiting, hiring, placement and more.

1) Boosting stock capabilities

As Spend Matters contributor Jason Busch noted, many VMS solutions provide considerably beneficial features right out of the box - including the ability to automate and better manage compliance and the contingent workforce overall.

"Granted, even functionally, a full-featured VMS can do far more than just this," Busch noted. "But such a functionally narrow - or even expanded - definition alone does not begin to do justice to the role that the VMS can ideally serve, working as a hub that interconnects external talent pools with internal systems and processes to enable better business outcomes."

In this way, the ability to integrate the VMS with other key solutions can improve the use and capabilities of the software.

2) Supporting streamlined job posting and fulfillment

One of the reasons organizations are attracted to VMS solutions in the first place is their ability to automate the job posting process and eliminate much of the previous, time-consuming manual work that was once required.

Supporting this process by integrating an automated technology ensures that process is truly streamlined and that the VMS can deliver on these capabilities. BlueSky Medical Staffing Software's VMS leverages JobRobotix, a breakthrough solution that automates job posting and enables staffing firms to intelligently match candidates and fill open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

3) Enabling best-in-class candidate communication

Once a candidate has been found, hiring managers must be able to productively communicate with this individual to ensure a good match. This makes integration with communication solutions an important benefit.

BlueSky's VMS can integrate with business-class text messaging and email solutions, including TextUs and MailChimp. This helps create an all-in-one VMS that provides everything healthcare staffing firms need within a single platform.

4) Advancing onboarding 

In addition to improving the recruitment and communication processes, a VMS with robust integration capabilities can also better support onboarding. BlueSky's advanced VMS is able to integrate with Universal Background Screening, as well as digital signature platform YouSignHere. This makes it simple and streamlined to vet candidates and have them electronically sign key contracts.

These are just a few of the considerations to make when it comes to your VMS's integration. Decision-makers should also check that the platform can connect with their testing and credential management platforms, as well as their payroll, invoicing and billing software.

To find out more about BlueSky Medical Staffing Software's VMS and its intelligent integration capabilities, connect with us today.