What makes a VMS healthcare-centric?

Posted by Tim Teague on Sep 21, 2018 8:25:06 AM

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There are a few key features and functionality that can help decision-makers pinpoint a healthcare-central VMS.
There are a few key features and functionality that can help decision-makers pinpoint a healthcare-central VMS.

One of the benefits of a vendor management software solution is the fact that this type of platform can be used in a variety of different industries and settings to support users needs. In fact, as more organizations realize the cost savings, efficiency and performance management that a VMS can support, the market for these solutions is expanding. According to research from Technavio, the global vendor management software sector is on track to grow more than 12 percent annually through 2021.

However, not all VMSes are the same, and it's important for healthcare staffing firms especially to leverage software that was created with the needs of the industry in mind. Healthcare staffing differs greatly from the staffing processes of other sectors, and agencies that look to meet the needs of healthcare providers must utilize a solution that can help support particularly industry-specific needs.

There are a few key features and functionality that can help decision-makers pinpoint a healthcare-central VMS. Here are some essentials to look for:

Support for different types of healthcare workers

Whereas other staffing agencies typically work with only a select few types of workers - including full-time, part-time and seasonal - healthcare agencies have an array of different working styles that they must be able to support. This includes those working in traveling capacities, per diem positions, locum tenens, allied, specialty workers, and more.

In order to streamline and support the variety of processes required within the staffing agency, stakeholders must select a VMS that was created with the needs of these types of workers in mind. This includes the ability to schedule and support all types of temporary and semi-permanent working assignments. A robust, healthcare-centric VMS will make this process simple, and enable staffing agencies to match job orders with the best healthcare provider.

Alignment with Joint Commission requirements

Many industries have separate governing and regulatory bodies, and staffing within the healthcare sector is no different. Hiring and onboarding, in particular, must take place according to Joint Commission standards, and any deviation from these rules could impact not only the staffing firm, but the healthcare providers they support and work with.

This is another area where a healthcare-specific VMS can be an asset. Such software enables credentialing according to Joint Commission standards, and can help streamline compliance with the types of credentialing and onboarding processes that are impacted by these industry requirements.

Looking for a VMS that includes the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval - such as BlueSky Medical Staffing Software's industry-leading VMS - can help staffing agencies best align their workforce management with important sector standards.

Competency testing and credential management

In addition to managing workforce credentials according to Joint Commission needs, staffing agencies should also seek out a VMS that will help support their competency testing requirements. BlueSky Medical Staffing Software's VMS allows users to customize competency requirements according to the agency's own unique needs, ensuring that needs for traditional or specialty staffing assignments are always met.

To find out more about the elements that make up a healthcare-centric VMS, connect with the experts at BlueSky Medical Staffing Software today.

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