Healthcare Staffing Requires Proper Credentialing

Credentialing, Document Management, and More

You have a responsibility to scrutinize and confirm your employed healthcare providers maintain acceptable qualifications, training, licensure, and other compliance necessities.

Credentialing is a formal process that utilizes an established series of guidelines.

This ensures that patients receive the highest level of care from healthcare professionals who have undergone the most stringent scrutiny regarding their ability to practice medicine. Credentialing also assures the patient that they are being treated by providers whose qualifications, training, licensure, and ability to practice medicine are acceptable. Credentialing also ensures that all healthcare workers are held to the same standard.

Only hospitals used to perform credentialing in the past, but today almost all healthcare facilities, ambulatory care centers, long-term care institutions, and even urgent care clinics perform credentialing. Over the past 20 years, the credentialing process has become complex and onerous primarily due to expansion of the provider scope of practice, accrediting bodies, and requirements of third-party payers like Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers.

Stated simply, credentialing is the process of assessing the academic qualifications and clinical practice history of a healthcare provider.


How is credentialing managed?

For privileges (specific for facilities) and credentialing, the process should address quite a few items. Most importantly, you should consider the minimum qualifications and requirements for each specialty, department, unit, or other facility specific compliance needs.

Knowing the reasons behind the process is only half the battle. After learning what is needed, you'll have to complete the credentialing process for your candidates before placement or hiring. 

Staffing software built specifically for the compliance document management needs, medical credentialing, and rapid processing helps place your organization above your competition.

Medical credentialing with a healthcare staffing software makes this process part of the candidate application experience. With customizable variables across the entire spectrum of your workforce management platform, you will never make another mistake in placement or fail a joint commission audit.

Yes, you can do this with a small team.

By properly scaling your business operations with software and resources appropriate for your needs, you're going to find that expanding your headcount is not the highest priority anymore. Spreadsheets are part of the past. Stop relying on emails to track documents.

Be the best vendor for hospitals. Manage your internal float pool and place nurses where they are most needed. The optimization of your workforce management solves problems, remedies headaches, and keeps you in business.

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Pre-application Process Screening

This is to confirm a healthcare professional satisfies the basic criteria for working in the hospital, establishes criteria for denying applications after the pre-application process, and establishes a process where the rejected healthcare worker can re-apply after the initial denial.

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Meet the Need for Rapid Processing

Have a process for rapid credentialing for locums, emergency staff, and short-term employment. This is especially imperative for healthcare staffing vendors!

It is also recommended to have a process to limit the practice of medicine for those healthcare workers who do not follow guidelines or the standard of care is not satisfactory.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Know How to Manage Privileges

Sometimes, an outside medical or surgical specialist may be asked to offer advice or perform a life-saving procedure. In such scenarios, this process should address accommodating that need.

Additionally, granting emergency privileges to healthcare professionals in times of disasters should be considered.

What do you need to look out for when during the credentialing process?

There are red flags to consider in any formal, qualifying process. For healthcare credentialing purposes, take some with a grain of salt. For example, multiple contracts with multiple hospitals over a short period of time may indicate a float nurse, a contract or contingent provider, or otherwise acceptable reasons.

You should also be aware of what your organization's review by the candidate or applicant will return.

As the employer of record (EOR), you hold a position of authority over the matter of who you hire. Individuals also have authority over the matter of who they work for. Facing a new employment climate, where the employee holds the more valuable asset, means your organization should talk the talk and walk the walk of a preferred employer. Having multiple law suits, wage issues, and other critical concerns will ensure that the proper and acceptable candidates avoid your organization. Attract them by being the best, intentionally.

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Hesitation to Provide Documentation

The reluctance of the applicant to provide permission to contact the previous employer or healthcare institution, to provide specific references, or major gaps in insurance coverage are things to be aware of.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Quick Knee-Jerk Events

A sudden relinquishment of licensure or medical staff membership, sudden loss of privileges in a hospital, suspicious gaps in clinical practice, and short permanent tenure at multiple hospitals can indicate a less than reliable hire.

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Historical Reviews

Over someone's career, certain habits and tendencies become more apparent. An unusually high number of professional liability actions with the final judgment against the practitioner, a history of substance abuse, domestic violence, stalking, or formally unprofessional conduct, having been investigated by the state board of licensure or other healthcare organizations, and evidence of multiple poor program evaluations should raise your eyebrows during the credentialing process.

Agencies and Hospitals Benefit from BlueSky

Healthcare staffing software should handle document management and credentialing within it's platform, scheduling based on criteria should be built-in, and your software should be accessible from anywhere.

Completely configurable to your staffing operative needs, your BlueSky software accurately accommodates the nuances of healthcare contingent labor management. No installation required, cloud-based, automatically backed up data, powerful business insights and analytics, user grouping and controls; how have you been staying sane without the US's longest-tenured workforce management software?



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Medical Credentialing Can Be Effectively Managed

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