Refining Your Credentialing Processes

Posted by Tim Teague on 5/1/19 9:42 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

In the world of sports, people talk about “offense” and “defense.” Offense is often the most glamorous part of the game. However, smart coaches know that strong defense is equally critical to winning. Similarly, healthcare recruiting experts understand that successful nurse staffing companies must rely on more than just savvy marketing and sales campaigns.

Timely and accurate credentialing of nurse and healthcare candidates is imperative to success. Here are ways your agency can boost its “defense” by avoiding costly mistakes on the backend:

Is the fox guarding the henhouse?

The term, “fox is guarding the henhouse” sometimes has negative connotations. But, when you think about it, this isn’t an indictment of the fox. Foxes do what foxes are naturally inclined to do. And, that means they shouldn’t be guarding chickens.

Recruiters are the “foxes” of staffing. They are tasked with “hunting” or making placements. This is their primary job, and they are compensated accordingly. What this means, is that agencies shouldn’t have their recruiters (offense) doing the work credentialing (defense). This is a recipe for disaster, even with the most honest recruiters.

Beyond the obvious conflict of interest, there’s also a misalignment of skills. As hunters, recruiters are focused on “closing the deal.” They are good at what they do, but they likely aren’t as focused on the details of paperwork and processes.

Consider the consequences of credentialing oversights. There may be huge legal exposure and risk of losing accreditation or licensing. There may also be fallout from accounts, ultimately resulting in fewer contracts and less business. Finally, a loss in general reputation can have long-term and devastating effects.

Prudent agencies know that recruiters make placements and supporting staff handles credentialing. Separating the two functions ensures there are no conflicts of interest. Just as recruiters receive incentives for making placements, credentialing folks should be rewarded for timely and accurate processing.

Is your team over burdened with needless work?

In the old days, staffing agencies used spreadsheets to track the status of candidates and new hires. It worked well at the time but is incredibly inefficient in the days of advanced software solutions. Speedy credentialing gives agencies a huge advantage over competitors.

New technology provides staffing firms with efficient and fast tools that improve accuracy and reduce labor costs. Freed up time resulting from software automation can be better used for other HR functions like conducting in-depth reference calls.

Do you lack a clear credentialing strategy?

Just as effective business development requires a thought-out plan, so too does efficient credentialing. Successful recruiting agencies must search for sticking points in the process. What slows things down, and where are the common oversights? And most importantly, how can we fix the problems? Ultimately, new tools, training and processes will work to collectively improve credentialing speed and accuracy. 

If you’re a healthcare staffing agency seeking tools to help increase operational efficiency, consider industry-leading technology solutions!

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