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Healthcare Staffing Software & VMS

Best-in-class recruiting functionality, staff scheduling, competency testing, compliance management, payroll and invoicing, time and attendance, dashboards, reporting, and vendor management system.

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Built for Healthcare Staffing, Designed for You.

Vendor Management System

BlueSky enables you to be in the "driver's seat" by providing an all-in-one platform to connect with any job, facility, agency, or client including 2100+ permission portals to grant access and privacy.

Healthcare Centric

BlueSky soars above standard
staffing recruitment software.
Dedicated to healthcare staffing,
we've uncovered efficiencies to increase your speed to market, KPIs, and more.

Features Built for You

Order confirmation, schedule retrieval, automated credential management, A.I. candidate matching, payroll and invoicing, powerful integrations to automate your contingent staffing workflow. 

Manage Everything in One Place

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software provides you with the ability to manage your staffing workflow from candidate sourcing through to client billing.

Automate your processes for faster speed to market, better candidate pipeline, higher quality leads, and greater credentialing and compliance.

With ongoing software development to keep you on the leading edge in contingent healthcare staffing, BlueSky software can help you manage and track your entire front to back office operations.

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Scalable for Your Business

Whether you are a startup just getting your feet wet or a multi-million dollar company looking for a way to continue your growth and improve your processes, BlueSky has a product that will work and grow with you.  With a Caregiver mobile app, a cloud-based system built for mobile accessibility, over 2100 permission portals, and a development team available to make the custom changes you need to improve your workflows, healthcare staffing has never been easier to automate and manage from anywhere.

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"BlueSky is better than any staffing software I have used in the 17 years that I've been in healthcare."

- Yolanda Harrison, GenCare

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