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Posted by RiAnn Bradshaw on 4/24/20 11:42 AM

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BlueSky Medical Staffing Software’s mobile product for Caregivers/Candidates has just released its most robust version update to the Android and Apple app stores.

BlueSky’s mobile app for Caregivers/Candidates is available as part of the BlueSky Medical Staffing Software suite of features, included for every staffing agency using the full platform. This provides Caregivers with on-hand access to their schedules, get directions to their job location instantly, log time, and even submit timesheets and/or expense sheets directly to their agency.

BlueSky’s Mobile App for Agency Caregivers is a massive advantage for healthcare staffing agencies and recruiters; cutting down on time spent collecting paperwork, running payroll and filling the next job order. Speed to market is imperative in the industry, especially during a healthcare crisis.

Caregivers and Recruiters alike gain the advantage of speed to placement, ease of access to important job information and the opportunity to review and send job information through the mobile app. Recruiters are able to distribute new job orders, guarantee accuracy and keep information readily available; even while submitting time for the current role, Caregivers are aware of the next potential job. This connectivity in communication and convenience bridges important gaps in the industry’s efficiency.

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software provides an advantage to those that can leverage mobile placements and in the acceptance rate of contingent job offers. Uniquely developed for the healthcare staffing industry, many front-to-back office processes are expedited through this platform.

Learn more about BlueSky Medical Staffing Software’s Mobile App for Agency Caregivers (

President of BlueSky Tim Teague says, “We are rapidly moving from the social aspect of mobile technology to the management of our professional lives. The convenience and real-time mobile communication make the staffing industry a perfect partner.”
From the management of both contingent labor and full time employees, BlueSky continues to listen to clients for each successive new version release.

BlueSky Synergy is the parent company that manages BlueSky Medical Staffing Software (, Nurse Backpack ( and RapidHire Tool (

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is an applicant tracking system, vendor management system, staff scheduling system and invoice/payroll tool combined into one suite for the healthcare contingent labor management. It benefits a diverse array of industries, meeting varying needs, and solving many expensive operational problems in business and organizations.

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BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is an applicant tracking system, vendor management system, staff/nurse scheduling system, and invoice/payroll tool combined into one suite for clinical talent and contingent labor management. BlueSky has been empowering the healthcare and hospital staffing industry for over twenty years by solving expensive operational problems in business and organizations.

BlueSky is the only staffing software available on the market today that is healthcare specific, accommodates full lifecycle recruitment, front-to-back-office workflows, medical credential management, vendor management, workflow automation, and more.

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