How to Uncover Healthcare Candidates Motivations for the Job

Posted by RiAnn Bradshaw on 1/9/20 2:06 PM

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The Importance of Understanding Your Candidates Motivations

Learn how recruiters and HR managers can ensure that the interview process includes asking questions that will uncover a candidate's motivation.

Understanding a Healthcare Candidates Job Motivations BEFORE Making an Offer

Most healthcare recruiters understandably place a significant emphasis on whether the candidate has the skills to do a job. But putting energy into attracting candidates who will enjoy coming to the hospital, clinic, or practice is just as important. Typically, these employees have longer retention and are a critical part of building your corporate culture.

To find physicians, nurses, and administrative candidates who will love the job and be a great cultural fit, the healthcare recruiter or HR manager needs to ensure that the interview process includes asking questions that will uncover the candidate's motivation. This is nowhere near as easy as interviewing a jobseeker solely for his or her clinical or administrative strengths.

Because all job candidates are motivated about something, you need to discover what that is. The job interview questions you ask and the answers you receive are crucial to your assessment of the candidate's knowledge, experience, and potential cultural fit within your healthcare organization.

During the interview, the hiring manager or recruiter needs to discover whether the candidate is genuinely motivated by the expected tasks and opportunities in your job. If it appears the job seeker is just looking to make more money or receive better perks than at their previous healthcare job, he or she is not always the right person.

The following ten interviewing questions can be used or modified by hiring managers, recruiters, and HR professionals to help identify the real motivation of healthcare candidates.

10 Interview Questions for Medical and Healthcare Hiring

  1. How would you describe the healthcare-related work environment or culture where you're the most productive and happy?
  2. What's your biggest dream in life?
  3. What goals, including career goals, have you set for your life?
  4. How would you define success for your healthcare career?
  5. How would you describe a work situation in which you can demonstrate how you helped motivate a coworker?
  6. In your healthcare industry experience, what has motivated your best, most successful job performance? Please provide examples.
  7. What sparks the willingness to go the extra mile, push harder, and do whatever it takes to get the job done?
  8. How would you describe the actions and behaviors of your manager that you respond to most effectively?
  9. If you worked in a management role, how would you create a work environment that employees found motivating?
  10. What actions, behaviors, or events would adversely affect your workplace motivation?

When you consider the answers your candidates provide, you're assessing several factors. You want to understand what motivates your candidate. You want to understand the work environment that he or she finds motivating. Determine whether your hospital, clinic or healthcare organization's work environment is consistent with your candidate's skills and needs.

Wrapping it Up

Whether the candidate wants the job or not is crucial to retention, engagement, and positive contributions to the organization's culture. While it can be challenging to uncover during the interview process, ultimately, the effort a healthcare recruiter puts into discovering what motivates the candidate will result in a job offered to the best person.

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