How Staffing Software Can Minimize Errors in Per Diem Nurse Scheduling

Posted by Tim Teague on Jun 26, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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Healthcare and nurse staffing is no easy business. But, as difficult as it may be, per diem scheduling is even more of a challenge. Companies are more likely to make mistakes when working under stressful deadlines. How can medical staffing agencies move quickly without compromising accuracy or quality?

While there’s no guarantees in life, advanced staffing software does help ensure timely and precise per diem nurse scheduling. Consider the following ways the technology can help.

1. Maintaining Margins

It is critical for a nurse placement agency to maintain optimal margins. However, it’s very challenging to accurately hit those targets in per diem scheduling. Staffers must quickly identify candidates and determine appropriate pay rates on the fly. Fortunately, advanced software can mitigate the risk of oversights.

2. Credential Management

Healthcare staffing firms work hard to manage nurse and clinician credentials. Between The Joint Commission, government compliance and client expectations, there’s much to track. Candidates must also have their education and other credentials verified.

Staffing software that helps ensure timely compliance is imperative for per diem scheduling. Once again, time is of the essence. Agencies that attempt to complete these tasks manually will fall short of their clients’ expectations and ultimately lose out to competitors.

3. Mobile App Access

Consumers have relied on mobile phone apps for years. Their use on a healthcare enterprise level, however, is still rather new. It shouldn’t be. App technology is marvelous at increasing efficiency from both the agency and candidate perspectives.

Advanced medical mobile apps are particularly helpful in per diem staffing. They enable nurses and care providers to remotely confirm schedules, clock hours and email timesheets. All of these functions can be done remotely from a mobile phone and do not require computer access.

4. Payroll, Tracking & OT

Effective staffing software streamlines payroll processes that are otherwise very time-consuming if completed by hand. When it comes to per diem staffing, some of the tasks are nearly impossible to fulfill without the assistance of technology. Tracking things like overtime hours and corresponding pay gets very complex – especially in states with complicated labor laws.

The right software solution ensures companies are compliant with city, county, state and federal wage statutes. Even the best human experts can miss critical details when calculating per diem pay, appropriate withholdings and hours worked. Medical companies can eliminate this risk and also ensure timely payment with flexible pay-cycle options.

Final Considerations 

While effective per diem staffing is a difficult task, there’s good news for companies that accept the challenge. The right software can make it much easier. And, businesses that decide to invest in the necessary technology will enjoy major advantages over their competitors.

If your medical company is in need of per diem or general staffing software solutions, be sure to review an industry leader!

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