Bolster Shift Scheduling Capacity

Next-Generation Scheduling, Time and Attendance Software

Medical staff scheduling (sometimes referred to as rota management within academic or teaching hospitals) optimizes the process of creating and maintaining health care provider schedules.

Double your scheduling capacity, we know it's possible.

Spend less time scheduling shifts for your contingent staff, and more time on optimizing your workflows. With BlueSky's staffing software, your scheduler will be able to proactively manage labor needs. Software that accommodates overtime alerts, provides an industry leading mobile app, integrates with your payroll processor, and built specifically for healthcare is available to boost your bottom-line today.

Why should you choose a workforce management software that includes nurse scheduling and is built for healthcare needs? Because it also fits seamlessly into your current human resource software systems

Day-Of and Planned Per Diem Scheduling

Face down ad-hoc shifts and last-minute schedule changes with efficiency. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility in organizing your workforce by teams to share resources and make scheduling easy. Automatically compare shift requirements to caregivers who have the required credentials to hasten scheduled. Realize your manager or shift-lead filling in for the call-out is costing you double, and make the change with workforce planning software.

Nurse Staffing Contract Terms of All Sizes

Working in the healthcare industry requires keeping up with fast-paced, round-the-clock responsibility. Nurses are on-the-go more often than not, caregivers run from location-to-location to work with patients, and employees at independent practices usually wear multiple hats throughout the day. Handle all of the variables with workforce management software and schedule your teams with ease.

bluesky medical staffing software for temporary staffing in healthcare
Automatically Match Candidates to Shifts

Schedule nurses and other qualified contingent workers directly from your shift grid. Breathe easier, all the policies and rules your administrative team setup will only show you qualified and capable candidates.

Confirm shifts within seconds and have job details sent directly to the worker's mobile device.

healthcare medical staffing software by bluesky
Payroll Based Journal Reporting

Learn why HR specialists and nurse recruiters are so hungry for PBJ reports. We have great insights and the reporting dashboard in BlueSky proves it.

Automatically collect and classify data per CMS protocol and bring happy tears to your supervisor's eyes during the next audit.

Keep Daily Operations Running Smoothly

Healthcare employee scheduling software should handle complex scheduling needs, large to small work forces, time tracking, attendance tracking, be accessible from anywhere and be connected to your workforce management software suite.

Completely configurable to your staffing operative needs, your BlueSky software effortlessly handles the complexities of healthcare contingent labor management. No installation required, cloud-based, automatically backed up data, powerful business insights and analytics, user grouping and controls; how have you been staying sane without the US's longest-tenured workforce management software?



    Empower your contingent staff with 24/7 online access and mobile capabilities.


    Real-time auditing of float pool, FTE staff, and candidate profiles against all job orders, per your preferences.


    Broadcast open shifts to your preferred workers and vendor nurse staffing providers.


    Schedule across multiple locations, departments, units and more, in one software.

HR and Payroll System Integration Ready

Custom Payroll Exports - ADP Integration - Global Cash Card - Daily Pay - Prevent Overtime - Predict Overtime - Workforce Analytics - Provide Equal Opportunity - Communicate Automatically - Proactive Labor Budget Management - Mobile Time Tracking - Cloud Based - Enterprise Level Security - Optional Geolocation Logging

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