Why Successful Healthcare Staffing Agencies Rely on Great Software for Efficiency

Posted by Tim Teague on Jan 31, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Today’s healthcare recruiters and nurse staffing firms are blessed with plenty of client job openings thanks to a very strong economy and aging patient population. However, they also face increased competition as new agencies open shop daily. It seems that everyone wants in on the action.

During the California Gold Rush, miners were forced to increase their output as more-and-more people staked claims. Although those days are long past, employment agencies should take a page from the mining playbook when it comes to finding success in a crowded space.

Here’s why the right staffing software can improve recruiting efficiency, helping to quickly match candidates with jobs:

1. Streamline Tasks 

Professionals should never underestimate the value of having centralized access to important information. When it comes to staffing, this means that a candidate database, job descriptions, shift schedules, payroll and invoicing and related details are all available from the same system. Recruiters should be able to quickly transition from one to the other, which saves time and also limits redundancy.

No longer must one create a separate calendar event through outside software or email, for example. Moreover, the centralized data is accessible by anyone granted permission. This reduces lost opportunities during times of recruiter absence or turnover.

2. Qualify Candidates 

The human component of recruiting is critical when it comes to making final hiring decisions. However, early qualifying of potential candidates can now be completed with the assistance of software and prevent placement of noncompliant healthcare providers. Certain prerequisites in education and training are concrete and should be trusted with computer filtering.

If a nursing or physician candidate lacks the proper credentials or permissions, he or she won’t be eligible regardless of interview performance or soft skills. Agencies can save many hours of time wasted on ineligible candidates and instead focus on recruitment efforts and quickly identify eligible. Organizations that prioritize investing time in developing meaningful relationships with healthcare providers will vastly improve applicant-to-hire conversation ratios.

3. Ensure Best Practices & Accountability 

Staffing software provides a standardized system for recruitment. This helps ensure that all employees are following the proper guidelines rather than going “rogue.” From training of new recruiters to monitoring of ongoing activity, the uniform nature of software solutions allows for consistency of work product and expectations.

Not only can managers ensure that procedures are followed for best practices, but they can also hold their teams accountable in terms of overall activity. It’s easy to run reports and measure the quantity and quality of work. Areas that need improvement are identified, and high-achievers can be rewarded.


As the healthcare staffing market grows, savvy agencies must actively seek-out every possible advantage. Software solutions are the single best tool to help employment firms find success in today’s changing world. Improved efficiency allows recruiters to quickly match qualified candidates with job openings, resulting in more placements. Click here for one industry-leading option!

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