Utilize Company Branding to Increase Healthcare Job Applicants

Posted by Tim Teague on 6/12/19 11:00 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

Most medical organizations know branding is very important when it comes to sales and marketing efforts. However, did you know it’s also critical for effective nurse and employee recruitment? Healthcare candidates are in high demand, and successful companies should view them similarly to customers.

Here are five ways your business can improve its branding, relative to employee recruitment:

1. "Best Of" / "Top Company" Contests -

Healthcare organizations now enjoy a variety of opportunities to highlight their work culture. And, “Best Of” or “Top Company” competitions are a great way to earn third-party branding credibility among job seekers. Many of these are healthcare industry specific, so you can prioritize to best target the right demographic.

Successful results from a credible competition provide years of solid branding with job seekers. Keep in mind that you don’t need to place number one. Companies that even fall within the top 50 or 100 generally benefit from positive recruitment branding.

2. Social Media - 

Healthcare company profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may seem superficial among old-school professionals. However, it’s hard to argue with positive branding. And the ROI is huge, considering most social media efforts are free of charge.

Remember that many of your prospective employees are younger nurses and folks fresh out of college. Having a social media brand creates relevancy for your company among a youthful demographic. There’s really no reason not to tap in to affordable (or free) resources.

3. Community Engagement -

Smart marketing teams know the best branding is often subtle but positive. Community engagement and sponsorship of philanthropic causes are great ways to get company recognition among nurses and potential healthcare employees. Organizations looking for a place to start should consider health “walks” that generate money for causes like Alzheimer’s awareness and cancer research.

4. Conferences

Many healthcare companies view industry conferences and tradeshows as venues for business development. However, they’re also great opportunities for nurse recruitment. The events provide endless branding opportunities and also generate good will among healthcare attendees. 

5. Co-Marketing Opportunities

This is another page taken from the marketing playbook. Co-marketing with other trusted companies is a great way to brand your business. Doing so also provides great ROI, since any costs are usually split among participating organizations. Be sure to partner with non-competing companies that share similar messaging and target the same demographic.

If your company is in need of nurses or healthcare workers, you should also consider implementing industry-leading medical staffing software!


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