4 Capabilities Health Care Staffing Software Should Provide

Posted by Tim Teague on 3/5/18 1:22 AM

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In today's health care landscape, staffing firms have their work cut out for them. Rising Baby Boomer demands for advanced health care are creating the need for more trained medical professionals, spurring job openings in facilities across the nation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than 91,000 physician and surgeon positions needing to be filled by 2026, as well as a need for over 183,000 medical assistants during the same time period. As health care institutions turn to staffing firms to fill these positions, agencies will need crucial software capabilities to match the best candidates to the right roles.

"There will be more than 91,000 physician and surgeon positions needing to be filled by 2026."

Here are four of the key features to seek out in an advanced health care staffing software solution:


1) Recruiting functionality

In order to fill open positions with the best candidates, those seeking employment must be aware of available opportunities. Robust recruitment features ensure that staffing agencies can connect with trained and talented applicants, and match them to optimal roles to suit their needs as well as the requirements of institutions' employment requests.

Some beneficial features to seek out include tools for tracking applications, onboarding tools and powerful back-office integration to create a unified solution that eliminates manual and redundant tasks.


2) Scheduling support

Especially within the health care industry where different types of roles including per diem, traveling and locum tenens positions are more common, it's imperative to keep everything on schedule. There's no better way to organize the workforce and ensure that shifts are filled than with advanced scheduling capabilities within the workforce management system.

Powerful scheduling features can help align practices with internal or state-mandated staffing ratios, while maintaining accurate time and attendance records for employees across the board.

Calendar with dates blocked off in different colors on a tablet sitting on a table next to a cup of coffee.Robust staffing software supports in-depth scheduling for different types of roles.


3) Credential management

This is another key feature to have in place, particularly for staffing agencies that work with health care institutions and medical staff. It's imperative that the agency is able to track and verify credentials in a streamlined manner, and this process can quickly become a challenge without the support of advanced software.

The ideal health care staffing software platforms can provide customizable and automated reminders to ensure that the agency has the time it needs to track credentials and replace documents nearing their expiration date. In this way, nothing falls through the cracks and medical staff have the proper, valid credentials to provide top-notch patient care.


4) Payroll and Invoicing features

One of the biggest challenges historically facing the health care staffing industry is the ability to reconcile scheduling and attendance information and ensure that employees are paid quickly. Innovative staffing software can help alleviate this issue by automatically capturing time and attendance details within the platform, and then leveraging these within a centralized system to support timely invoicing and payroll. This supports accurate payroll that comes on schedule.

The best health care staffing solutions are those that can provide these key functions, in addition to support for candidate matching, back office integration, reporting and dashboards as well as mobile capabilities. To find out more, connect with the experts at BlueSky Medical Staffing Software today.

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