How Staffing Software Can Simplify Compliance Management

Posted by Tim Teague on 4/17/19 11:00 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

Accurately accessing a candidate’s or employee’s credentials is important in most industries. However, it’s perhaps most critical in healthcare. The consequences of hiring an incompetent nurse or therapist can be dangerous; putting both patients and the company at risk.

Fortunately, cloud-based staffing software solutions can quickly determine a healthcare worker’s core competencies. These tools improve recruiting efficiency while also helping mitigate the risk of bad hires.

Here are some specific ways staffing software addresses your competency screening and tracking needs:


If there’s any kind of issue that exposes a compliance risk you want to know about it immediately. Complete visibility into compliance documentation gaps can minimize risk to avoid hefty fines in the event of an audit. Additionally, it’s imperative to identify applicants in your company’s database lacking credentials to address missing items for increased speed-to-market when new job orders are identified. 

Healthcare staffing software that offers credential management functionality should provide reporting options for complete visibility into potential compliance risks. System logic that also blocks a noncompliant healthcare provider from being submitted for an assignment adds another layer of assurance in your operational processes.


One of the best benefits to utilizing staffing software is it reduces human error during the onboarding process. Healthcare companies that leverage the technology to customize their competency requirements will benefit from fewer hiring mistakes. It’s unlikely an unqualified candidate will slip through the cracks if he is given a standardized test or competency survey on day one.


It’s incredibly important for healthcare companies and nursing facilities to keep track of their candidates’ AND current employees’ credentials. Not only is it a matter of competency, it’s also an issue of compliance with the Joint Commission and various government oversight agencies.

Staffing software can administer integrated competency exams and verify required credentialing. Then, it can automatically document compliance with a time stamp. Not only does this help reduce employee incompetence, it also mitigates legal risk.


Healthcare professionals are fully aware that continuous learning is a required aspect of that line of work. While continuing education is a good thing, it creates challenges in terms of credential management. Robust staffing software isn’t just a solution managing contingent healthcare providers, it also ensures ongoing employee compliance.

The right technology can automatically “push out” reminders to employees and managers that alert them to upcoming expiration dates. It can then administer the necessary exams or surveys and document completion. Just imagine the peace of mind in knowing your staffing software is helping to ensure your team stays current with new Joint Commission and government expectations! 

As you can see, staffing software is more than just an apparatus for tracking healthcare and nursing job applicants. Today’s best solutions offer robust features, and customizable competency tools are one of the best benefits. Explore an industry-leading option today!

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