How Staffing Software Can Increase Your Speed-to-Market

Posted by Tim Teague on 5/22/19 11:00 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

There’s nothing worse for a recruiter than to submit the perfect nurse candidate to a job just a minute too late. It doesn’t matter if she was absolutely terrific for the job. When a staffing agency moves too slowly, the opportunity is lost.

Right now is a time of transition in healthcare and nurse recruiting. Some agencies are capitalizing on advanced technology that gives them an extra edge. Others are biding their time doing things the old-fashioned way.

In the end, there are at least four ways staffing software can increase your speed to market:

Faster Candidate Identification –

Quickly finding and identifying qualified candidates is the first step in a successful placement. There are many healthcare staffing agencies scouring for the same valuable professionals. Fast recruiting helps take job seekers off the market, reducing the likelihood they accept another position.

Staffing software helps agencies quickly secure these applicants through efficient, automated ad placements and outreach efforts. It also aids in providing easy “call-to-action” prompts that encourage applicants to respond promptly. Long gone are the days of playing perpetual “phone tag.”

Faster Credentialing –

It is incredibly important for nurse staffing agencies to complete applicant credentialing before submitting them to clients. These measures are necessary for industry and legal compliance, and they are also safeguards against future problems. However, credentialing can be burdensome and time-consuming. Software that helps to streamline the processes will greatly contribute to the goal of maximizing “speed-to-market.”

Faster Submissions –

Candidate submissions themselves can be rather time-consuming. Recruiters must “package” the applicant in a way that presents them positively to hiring managers. Many clients also use VMS solutions, which typically require specific submittal protocols. Advanced staffing software can harmonize with commonly used VMS platforms and streamline submissions.

Faster Onboarding –

Once a nurse or healthcare professional is extended a job offer, the staffing agency must usually complete final onboarding paperwork. This may include reference calls and background checks, among other tasks. Although these burdens may seem trivial, they do add up in aggregate.

It’s easy for a staffing firm to get behind on new-hire paperwork. This can ultimately slow down the placement process, which risks the opportunity itself. Nothing is worse than having a job offer pulled due to client team realignments or a manager’s change of heart. Don’t let unnecessary time delays kill the deal.

There’s no doubt that speed-to-market is critical in the world of healthcare recruiting and that software solutions help agencies achieve that goal. The only question is whether or not staffing companies adopt the technology sooner rather than later. Prudent firms understand that now’s the time to make a move.

If you’re interested in reviewing an industry-leading solution that will help with candidate speed-to-market, this is a great option!

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