How Healthcare Professionals Can Mentally Prepare for an Interview

Posted by Tim Teague on 5/15/19 11:00 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

Job interviews are stressful for most nurse and healthcare candidates. Applicants often feel like they have one chance to “prove” their worth and must make the most of it in rushed circumstances. However, successful job seekers are wise to remember they’ve actually been preparing for the interview for quite some time.

When you think about it, a person’s entire career history is interview preparation. So, instead of second-guessing your value, try to focus on mental assuredness. The following tips can help.


If you’ve been asked to interview for a job, chances are you’re already qualified on a technical level. So, spend some time researching the company itself. How did it start? Who are the leaders? What is the company culture and ethos like? Nurse candidates who come into an interview with knowledge of the company are sure to impress hiring managers.

Role Play 

There’s tremendous value in role-playing job interviews. A healthcare job seeker may know the answer to a question but get flustered in her response if she hasn’t practiced ahead of time. Enlist the help of a friend to lead mock interviews. Make sure you address the most difficult questions. With any luck, the real interview may actually prove easier than the mock version!


All of us have weak points in our career histories. If you’ve changed jobs a few times in the past couple of years, then expect to be questioned on that part of your resume. Or, perhaps you worked at a senior level in one job, and then took a lower position at the next company. Hone in on your biggest weakness and prepare a good response to address any concerns.

Trouble shooting for a job interview also means you should be prepared to discuss salary requirements. Although you may not—and probably should not—bring it up yourself, many hiring managers will. This is an often-overlooked aspect of interviewing but can be treacherous for candidates. It’s important to know how you will react when asked about your current salary or if the hiring manager proposes an unacceptably low offer. 


In the hours leading up to a job interview, remember that nothing else matters but the interview. Get plenty of rest the night before. Take a PTO day at your current job, so nothing conflicts with the interview schedule. Leave early in order to get to the interview on time and stress free.

It seems many nurse candidates view job interviews as an “exam.” Usually that’s not the case. Remember they wouldn’t be interviewing you if you weren’t qualified already. So, cut yourself a break and prepare mentally. Not only will you find the experience rewarding, you’re also much more likely to land an offer!

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