How Forward-Thinking Healthcare Companies Use Benefits to Stand Out

Posted by Tim Teague on 7/10/19 11:00 AM

Although it may seem counterintuitive, salary often isn’t the most important consideration for medical professionals weighing job options. Obviously there’s a limit. Pay rates must be competitive within the industry. However, studies suggest that non-monetary benefits actually go further with prospective hires than marginal pay differences.

Here are realistic, non-monetary job benefits that any healthcare company can implement to gain that edge in nurse and medical recruiting:


Vacation days can be viewed as “monetary,” since they’re typically regarded as “paid time off.” However, PTO is still different than providing a higher pay rate or bonus. Furthermore, companies with “flextime” policies offer a benefit that is far more comprehensive.

Flextime allows nurses and healthcare professionals to manage their own days off. Gone are the days of employees faking sickness in order to take the kids to Disneyland. Instead, they’re provided with a set number of “flex days” that can be used at their discretion for anything ranging from actual sickness to an extra-long weekend.

Perks & Discounts

Employee “perks” and discount programs have gained popularity in recent years. Typical offerings include free or discounted gym memberships and special prices on hotel rooms. One great thing about these benefits is that affiliate vendors usually absorb the costs. 

Recognition Programs

One might wonder if employees actually care about recognition in today’s world. Well, data suggests they do! Many studies have shown that acknowledgement for a job well done can go far in keeping workers happy.

Some companies have “employee of the month” programs that acknowledge performance and provide a modest prize. Others implement contests based on efficiency or results. Companies may wish to find their own angle depending on individual circumstances and team culture.


While “perks” programs are usually provided to all employees, “privileges” are specific non-monetary rewards bestowed upon standout workers. A common example is the issuing of a priority parking spot. Another privilege may be rewarding an employee with first choice in determining their holiday season work rotation.

Volunteer Hours 

Many of today’s workers engage in humanitarian efforts on their free time. From pet adoption projects to helping the homeless, people are passionate about their contributions to society. Some companies are taking notice and dedicating time to causes of employees’ choosing.

Leaders who show philanthropic solidarity with their team help to build morale and facilitate a positive work culture. They also demonstrate empathy and reveal a human side that often doesn’t show during day-to-day business.

Closing Thoughts

Nurses and healthcare professionals will always seek out jobs with competitive pay. However, the “highest bidder” doesn’t necessarily win the candidate. Many people now seek non-monetary benefits that improve quality of life. Successful employers should strive to offer a package that is attractive on multiple levels.

If you’re a company that staffs nurses and other medical workers, also be sure to consider the benefits of an industry-leading recruiting software solution!

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