Diverse Healthcare Candidate Pools Matter

Posted by Tim Teague on 4/3/19 11:01 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

Workplace diversity isn’t exactly a new concept in 2019. Most of us are aware of the benefits to having a multicultural staff that reflects the overall community. However, there are a few specific reasons why it may be even more critical than generally acknowledged. This is especially true in the highly sensitive world of nursing and care delivery.

Changing Demographics

Some U.S. states and many cities now have “minority-majority” populations. In California, for example, Hispanics form the largest single ethnic group. However, this trend may be more widespread than many of us realize. It is not simply isolated to the big cities and coastal states.

All healthcare organizations should be cognizant of the increasing diversity of their patient populations and recruit accordingly. It only makes sense to have a staff that at least partially reflects the general community. Obviously, this isn’t meant to suggest that other candidates be denied opportunity. But, something may be amiss if there’s a total demographic disparity between workers and patients.

Cultural Perspectives

While no group of people are uniform in their beliefs and world-view, people of certain cultures oftentimes have distinct customs and traditions. This is especially true in healthcare, where matters of life and death are often topics of discussion.

Religious perspectives and cultural norms often intersect, and it’s always beneficial to have staff focused on such considerations. All employees can benefit from sensitivity training. But, it’s hard to match the inherent empathy of a worker who understands a patient’s traditions on a personal level.

Workplace Inclusiveness

Your organization may be extremely tolerant and welcoming of folks from all backgrounds. However, job applicants may think otherwise if your staff demographics paint another picture. Companies can open the doors to diversity by first having a diverse pool of talent. Then, as new hires earn promotion and grow through the ranks, minority employees ultimately gain positions of management. Suddenly, job applicants are exposed to a diverse management team that better portrays a tolerant work culture.

Reasonable people understand that diversity hiring isn’t a perfect science. Most people also expect companies to hire based on skills and qualifications. However, companies that lack diverse workforces may be unintentionally limiting their pool of minority candidates.

There are qualified nurses and workers of all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. Increasing your hiring options will only benefit your company’s culture. Healthcare organizations seeking to improve their recruiting success should also consider the aid of industry leading technology!

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