Challenges with candidate matching: Tips for finding the best applicants

Posted by Tim Teague on Nov 15, 2018 8:25:06 AM

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the top challenges staffing firms are facing today, and how a shift in strategy can help find the best possible applicants for open positions.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the top challenges staffing firms are facing today, and how a shift in strategy can help find the best possible applicants for open positions.

The staffing industry has changed considerably in the past few years. Despite increased technological innovation, recruiters are still posting their open positions to online job boards. To do so, managers must spend on each and every posting—a high price to pay for unqualified leads.

But this isn't the only issue staffing managers must address. Let's take a closer look at some of the other top challenges that staffing firms face today, and how recruitment and hiring stakeholders can shift their strategy to find the best possible applicants for their clients' open positions.

Challenge: Lack of quality candidates

According to a survey of veteran hiring managers, one of the top challenges faced by recruiting and hiring managers today is a lack of qualified talent to fill available positions, Kununu reported. While many industries understand this struggle, the ongoing talent shortage for both nursing and physician positions intensifies the matter for healthcare staffing in particular.

Solution: Leveraging an intelligent internal database

Staffing firms need advanced solutions that can enable them to recruit from an internal databases as opposed to an open job board. Utilizing a vendor management solution, which can establish an integrated job board by linking to the staffing firm's existing website, can help ensure that applicants meet the specified needs of open positions and are qualified for placement.

Challenge: Long time to fill and fear of selecting the wrong candidate

Long fill times of a week or more are another challenge that many staffing firms deal with. Stephanie Troiano, recruiting industry expert, told Kununu that in the current staffing sector, there's a much higher focus on finding the right individual to fill an open position. Combined with a fear of placing the wrong candidate, this can create lengthen fill times to 30 days or more.

"Despite the challenges that a vacant position presents," Troiano said, "it's even worse to fill a job with the wrong candidate only to have to remedy the situation at a later date."

Solution: Granular search of available applicants 

In addition to establishing an internal recruitment database, staffing firms can also leverage in-depth search functionality of a VMS to seek out the best qualified candidates. An innovative VMS provides keyword-specific searching and can separate applicants based on their availability or specialty. In this way, staffing firms can ensure the successful placement of candidates.

Industry-leading VMS: Find the best candidates

In the current environment, staffing firms face all types of obstacles, but through it all, they must be able to source the ideal applicants for their clients' available vacancies. The optimal way to find the best matches for available jobs is through a VMS that includes intelligent candidate matching and advanced search capabilities.

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