7 Great Reasons to Be a Travel Nurse!

Posted by Tim Teague on 7/17/19 11:00 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

It’s no secret that many nurses and healthcare workers are passionate about their work and find it very rewarding. But, some medical professionals have carved out an even more unique career path that affords special opportunity. These folks work as travel nurses.


While travel nursing certainly isn’t a secret, it’s often overlooked by many in healthcare. Here are seven great reasons to seriously consider the job ASAP:

Travel –

As the name implies, travel nursing affords amazing travel opportunities. Many assignments are only two to three months. Nurses who appreciate a change in environment can experience the entire country.

Great Money –

On average, travel nurses earn more money than their permanent counterparts. Hospitals and facilities typically contract for travel nurses during times of urgent need and compensate accordingly. Pay can even exceed $100,000 annually!

Housing Stipend –

In addition to great pay, travel nurses receive either a generous housing stipend or agency-placed housing. Either option can add significant income to the overall compensation package. Savvy nurses can find ways to best maximize the benefit depending on their individual circumstances.

Networking –

Travel nursing is a great way to network with healthcare leaders at various hospitals and facilities across the country. What could possibly be a better way to build one’s career? A travel nurse’s resume also builds credibility quickly, with assignments that often include world-class hospitals.

Consistent Work –

Although it may seem counterintuitive given the nature of contract work, travel nursing can actually be quite consistent. Obviously, engagements end. But, there are usually new assignments available for those who wish to stay busy.

Flexibility –

While the allure of travel nursing is often the travel, there’s a general flexibility that many appreciate for other reasons. Perhaps a nurse simply wants to decide if and when she works. Healthcare professionals who don’t want to be tied down to a long-term commitment will find travel nursing a perfect fit.

Broad Experience –

Travel nurses enjoy the unique opportunity to work with diverse patient populations. No community, hospital or assignment is the same. Travel nurses also gain more experience working with different conditions and specialties.

All jobs have their pluses and minuses. Travel nursing can certainly be challenging. However, many adventurous types will find it affords rare opportunities and lucrative pay. Nurses who are looking for a change have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

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