4 Tips for Hospitals and Facilities to Attract Healthcare Grads in 2022

Posted by Tim Teague on 2/24/22 2:20 PM

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We touched on the topic of how to attract healthcare grads back in 2019, and given all of the change that’s happened in the industry since then, it’s only fitting that we provide some updated tips for attracting the right talent in 2022.  It’s a well-known fact that in today’s market, nurses and healthcare professionals are in high demand. It was true in 2019, and even more true now.

Due to pandemic fatigue among many other factors, large number of older nurses and healthcare workers are retiring. Nurse recruiters, healthcare recruiters, HR managers and hospital administrators must be proactive to attract younger millennial nurses and healthcare professionals, especially with the height of travel nursing wages we see today.

While it’s next to impossible to run a shift with a staff of all fresh faces, hiring new grads can provide an important source of talent for your office, hospital or medical clinic that can grow. Today, millennial recruiting has become relationship recruiting where students and companies build a foundation of trust and mutual goals, and the recruiter is the facilitator of this relationship. 

So, how do you make sure you’re the employer-of-choice for these talented candidates? Here are four suggestions to ensure you attract the young healthcare professionals you need in 2022.

1. Start Early

Research has shown a high percentage of soon-to-be college grads began their healthcare job search up to nine months before graduation. And many accepted a job offer from a hospital or medical clinic prior to leaving school. Hiring managers, HR professionals and hospital administrators should identify their medical staffing needs early and begin the process soon enough that the best candidates are available. This is still true in 2022.

2. Demonstrate a Belief in Workforce Well-Being

The fatigue experienced by many healthcare professionals during the pandemic has led to early retirements and short staffing, and with that in mind, prospective nurses are sure to have heard horror stories of what a string of shifts might look like for them. As a result, mental well-being is paramount to hiring and maintaining talent post-pandemic. If you can demonstrate the steps you take to ensure your staff’s mental health and well-being in a clear and tangible way, you will be more likely to hire and retain them for years to come.

3. Sell Them on Your Brand

Getting a student to buy into your brand is more difficult in 2022 than previous years, but if you are able to clearly convey the culture, values, and goals of your facility, it can be easier to get your foot in their door. Recruiting on campus, or during campus virtual events, is an effective tool for promoting your brand. Even if all of the students you engage with aren’t hired, they will remember your company and keep your organization in mind in the future. That’s why it’s important to provide candidates with professional and engaging informational material about your organization. These can include brochures, informational sheets, benefits, brand champion videos and, of course, links to your website and social media profiles. Being able to show the engagement your company has across these mediums can go a long way to hiring the right fit. Recruiters must meticulously prepare and practice their sales pitch, and make sure to have material to back it up.

4. Provide Adequate Training and Cross-Training Opportunities

One advantage of being a facility or clinic is the relative ease of training for resident nurses and other healthcare professionals. Monetary bonuses are not enough to attract the right talent anymore, so ensuring that you highlight training opportunities and a nurse’s ability to switch specialities with the training you offer will be an added, significant bonus in 2022. Continuing professional development activities and opportunities can also go a long way when coupled with cross-training programs you may offer. If you are going to retain and hire the right talent, you must make sure they know they have the ability to grow with your organization from the get-go.


Successfully recruiting new graduates means healthcare organizations and executives need to understand they’re competing with others in the industry for the best of a limited talent pool. In 2022, the ability to show programs dedicated to professional development and mental well-being is more important than it has ever been before to prospective hires. With talent shortages in the healthcare industry expected to grow even more in the coming years, organizations need to be proactive about planning for and implementing new talent strategies. 

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