4 Tips to Attract New Healthcare Grads

Posted by Tim Teague on 11/6/19 11:00 AM


It’s a well-known fact that in today’s market, nurses and healthcare professionals are in high demand.

With large number of older nurses and healthcare workers retiring, nurse recruiters, healthcare recruiters, HR managers and hospital administrators must be proactive to attract younger millennial nurses and healthcare professionals.

Hiring new grads can provide an important source of talent for your office, hospital or medical clinic. Today, millennial recruiting has become relationship recruiting where students and companies build a foundation of trust and mutual goals, and the recruiter is the facilitator of this relationship. 

So, how do you make sure you’re the employer-of-choice for these talented candidates? Here are four suggestions to ensure you attract the young healthcare professionals you need. 

1. Start Early

Research has shown a high percentage of soon-to-be college grads began their healthcare job search up to nine months before graduation. And many accepted a job offer from a hospital or medical clinic prior to leaving school. Hiring managers, HR professionals and hospital administrators should identify their medical staffing needs early and begin the process soon enough that the best candidates are available. 

2. Go to School 

On-campus recruiting is an important tool for attracting young healthcare professionals. Many of your potential future hires will have their first exposure to your company on their campus. College recruiting (and attending career fairs) allows hiring managers to connect face-to-face with talented future professionals, enabling you to sell them on the attributes of joining your hospital or healthcare organization. 

3. Sell Them on Your Brand

Recruiting on campus is also an effective tool for promoting your brand. Even if all of the students you engage with aren’t hired, they will remember your company and keep your organization in mind in the future. That’s why it’s important to provide candidates with professional and engaging informational material about your organization. These can include brochures, informational sheets, a video and, of course, links to your website and social media profiles. 

4. Prepare Your Sales Pitch

Whether you’re participating at a career fair or talking to a young job candidate over the phone, it’s important to have a well-rehearsed sales pitch. Hiring managers, HR professionals and hospital administrators should move beyond the general recruiting language and gear the presentation toward students and recent grads.  A more personalized hiring message will appeal to your audience – and likely achieve greater results – more than a “canned” sales pitch. 


Successfully recruiting new graduates means healthcare organizations need to understand they’re competing with others in the industry for the best of a limited talent pool. With talent shortages in the healthcare industry only expected to grow in the coming years, organizations need to be proactive about planning for and implementing new talent strategies. 

BlueSky can help take the stress out of identifying and hiring new healthcare grads. BlueSky's complete front-to-back office solution is built specifically for the healthcare staffing market. To learn more, see our demo – then contact us! 

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