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Why Being Proactive is Especially Important for Healthcare Recruiters in This Hot Job Market

In case you haven’t noticed, the U.S. job market is the best it’s been in years. That’s great news for the economy, job seekers and recruiters alike. However, with every plus comes a drawback. Hot job markets prove a double-edged sword for recruiters—especially when staffing nurses and healthcare workers. On one hand, there are plenty of openings to fill. But, on the other hand, candidates enjoy numerous competing opportunities. Many firms are finding themselves in desperate need of talent, which begs the question, “What steps can be taken in order to maintain a strong pipeline of qualified professionals?”


Although there’s no “silver bullet” solution, forward-thinking agencies may consider the following proactive recruiting techniques:

1. Plan Ahead

Remember that many candidates who are not currently in the market will be in the near future, so now’s a good time to build a pipeline. Good recruiters often have strong memories, which is generally a positive thing. However, these folks also have a tendency to prejudge a prospective candidate’s availability based on prior conversations. The fact is that a nurse’s availability may change quickly, so it’s critical to make that extra phone call or send yet another email.

2. Update Your Database

Recruiters often don’t take full advantage of their software and database solutions. These technologies are only as good as the information that’s entered. Nurse availability and conversation details should be documented immediately, and appropriate calendar reminders should be set. Perhaps a candidate advised she will be falling off an assignment in two months. By documenting this important detail and setting a calendar reminder, an astute recruiter can proactively call the prospect just prior to her assignment’s completion. This simple effort reduces the risk of losing her to a competing agency.

3. Consider “Up-and-Comers”

Sometimes a candidate isn’t quite ready for the job. Perhaps the employer is asking for a nurse with two years’ experience, and a prospect is fresh out of school. That’s okay! This is a perfect person to fill the pipeline for future opportunities. The recruiter should still make his introduction and build rapport. Time moves fast, and nobody knows how long the labor shortage will continue. This “noob” may soon prove a very valuable resource.

Recruiters often find themselves client-focused, prioritizing job procurement and account relations. Although clients should always be a top priority, it’s important to understand the dynamics of a hot job market. Today’s nurses and healthcare professionals are in high demand. Staffing agencies must never take their candidate pool for granted and should proactively work to build it. Otherwise, recruiting firms run a very real risk of sitting on unfilled jobs and lost revenue. If you’re an agency looking to improve your candidate pipeline, you may want to consider Bluesky Medical Staffing Software.