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    OSHA Issues Updated COVID-19 Safety Rules for Healthcare Professionals

    The U.S. Labor Department released newCOVID-19 workplace safety rulesfor healthcare June 10, including a requirement that healthcare employers provide workers with paid time off ...

    Trinity Health's St. Francis Medical Center in talks to join Capital Health

    Trinity Health’s St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey, has taken the first step toward potentially joining nearby system Capital Health, the providers announced last ...

    How Are Healthcare Leaders Managing The COVID Crisis?

    When the pandemic hit, healthcare organizations were thrown into reaction mode, with many long-term projects being shelved indefinitely. However, health leaders were able to take ...

    Nurse Staffing Agency Mobile App Supercharged - BlueSky Software Users


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    clinical workforce management software

    BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is an applicant tracking system, vendor management system, staff/nurse scheduling system, and invoice/payroll tool combined into one suite for clinical talent and contingent labor management. BlueSky has been empowering the healthcare and hospital staffing industry for over twenty years by solving expensive operational problems in business and organizations.

    BlueSky is the only staffing software available on the market today that is healthcare specific, accommodates full lifecycle recruitment, front-to-back-office workflows, medical credential management, vendor management, workflow automation, and more.