BlueSky Synergy Announces Formal Release of Version 5.18, Becomes First Platform to Provide Hospitals with Complete Control of Subcontractor Relationships

Posted by Tim Teague on 12/7/21 2:15 PM

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BlueSky Synergy announced today its formal release of BlueSky Medical Staffing Software Version 5.18. Due to the recent rise in travel nurse staffing rates, the technology released today becomes the first platform to provide hospitals complete control of subcontractor relationships.


BlueSky Medical Staffing Software’s easy-to-use interface is designed for seamless communication between nurses, scheduling departments, compliance staff, and back-office finance teams. The system was created to integrate with multiple human resource, time and attendance, and credential management platforms paving the way for reduced labor costs in an industry fraught with skyrocketing demands.


The beta testing of this technology has been largely successful; BlueSky’s recent beta test with the Adventist Healthcare System on the west coast has successfully brought all contract labor management in-house. Savings from the automation has provided uniformity of nurse and agency documentation, and provided real-time reporting for spend by department and historical trend analysis. The early stages provided invaluable feedback for best practices and deeply integrated reporting metrics.


Tim Teague, President of BlueSky, had this to say of the innovation: 


“The acceleration of nurse staffing costs is creating both budgetary and morale problems within the healthcare community. It is important that these healthcare entities begin to move toward platforms that connect them more closely to the limited supply of nurses.”


The Adventist Healthcare beta test in particular was used to successfully automate and consolidate all contingent personnel relationships across a 28-hospital system to provide centralized control and reporting with the added benefit to quickly establish their own “self-service” agency.

The release today marks a much needed first for an industry inundated with staffing woes. If you would like to learn more about BlueSky and this breakthrough, be sure to visit BlueSky's full website or contact BlueSky directly.

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