5 Ways to Integrate Healthcare AI Into Your Daily Recruiting Routine

5 Ways to Integrate Healthcare AI Into Your Daily Recruiting Routine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the talk of 2019 when it comes to healthcare recruiting. The technology still seems futuristic to many, but the fact is it’s already being leveraged by many companies large and small. There are many ways it can help teams improve the efficiency and effectiveness of daily activities.

Here are five proven ways companies can integrate healthcare-oriented AI into daily recruiting routines:

AI-Enabled Candidate Sourcing

AI is particularly well equipped to aid workers in tasks that involve complex data analysis. Human recruiters can write great job postings, but AI can help to identify SEO-focused words for greater results.

AI can also assist during the sourcing phase by automatically scanning resumes and online candidate profiles for well-matched backgrounds. It can even identify passive job candidates who may be strong matches. This capability is especially helpful when working on roles that are difficult to fill.

Ad Automation

As discussed, AI is very helpful in candidate sourcing for a number of reasons. However, it also assists with job posting logistics, which can be very time-consuming and imprecise. Not only can AI automatically place appropriate ads, it also analyzes the ROI to optimize the ad spend.

Preliminary Candidate Screening

Initial review of prospective candidates is one of the most laborious tasks for healthcare recruiters. AI has proven particularly effective in speeding up the process and improving results. There are two main ways AI assists during this phase.

First, AI can scan for potential “red flags” on a resume or application. The sophisticated science uses analytics to weigh information like job tenure and other data in order to identify risky candidates. Second, AI can automatically facilitate compatibility tests and assessments that screen applicants for basic aptitude.

Interviewing & Administrative Tasks

Candidate interviewing and related administrative tasks are also very time-consuming for healthcare recruiters. AI features that automatically schedule interviews based on applicant availability can save countless hours of back-and-forth phone calls and emails.

Moreover, sophisticated “chatbots” can address common candidate questions and guide people smoothly through the application process. This functionality is highly prized by both recruiters and job seekers. It increases the staffer’s efficiency while also improving candidate experience, ensuring that the latter completes the application process.  

Diversity Hiring Outreach

Most healthcare organizations today are concerned with diversity-focused outreach. AI has proven particularly effective in aiding such efforts. First, AI can facilitate the objective review of resumes without showing identifying candidate details. Second, AI can ensure the same questions are asked consistently and fairly across the entire candidate pool.

While the role of AI in healthcare recruiting is ever-evolving, it’s fair to say that its utility is now well established. Medical companies of all sizes are relying on it to improve efficiency and outcomes.

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