5 Questions to Ask that Will Help You Find Your Selling Points

Posted by Tim Teague on 10/9/19 11:00 AM

No doubt the hot job market and growing healthcare industry bode well for medical recruiting agencies. However, basic economics dictates that supply always catches up with demand. While great staffing companies always stay busy, it’s still important for organizations to differentiate their services from those of competitors.

Healthcare recruiting leaders should ask these 5 questions to determine where they fit into the ecosystem and how they can best maximize their competitive advantages:

Are we recognized as an industry leader? –

Recruiting agencies with deep roots can exploit their credibility to the fullest by making note of it whenever possible. Obvious strategies include online marketing campaigns and website content that focus on the company’s expertise. But there are other marketing angles as well.

Companies with highly-respected leaders should consider creating podcasts or videos with subject matter expert (SME) interviews that address common issues within the healthcare recruiting world. Or, perhaps reputable recruiting firms can consider co-sponsoring industry events with valued clients/accounts. This latter technique has the dual benefit of improving company branding while also growing a valued client relationship.


Do we excel in speed-to-market or “challenging placements” –

Most healthcare recruiting agency leaders know their niche, and successful agencies learn how to leverage their strengths. Companies need not be the best at everything; they just need to be great at something.

One set of strengths that often tilt one way or the other is “speedy” placements versus “challenging” placements. Sure, there are companies that can do both. But honest leaders know that they are usually biased one way or the other.


What above-and-beyond services or policies do we offer? –

Some agencies may feature policies, rates or other attributes that surpass industry norms. For example, a recruiting firm may provide great service at markedly-lower rates. That’s a comparative advantage that can be marketed to potential clients.

Another example of an “above-and-beyond” advantage would be a particularly-generous no-obligation guarantee for new placements or other such policies that provide peace-of-mind. Or, perhaps a recruiting agency offers a broader menu of staffing services for a one-stop-shop advantage.


Can we highlight advantages related to geography or resources? –

Perhaps a healthcare staffing company enjoys a particularly-strong presence in a certain region. Can they then create a marketing message that advertises their geographical advantage? Or, maybe an agency has unsurpassed travel-nursing resources. In that case, they can launch a campaign to advertise this advantage.


What else do we do that makes “their” jobs easier? –

Finally, healthcare recruiting agencies should consider if they have technology or processes that make their clients’ jobs easier. While quality placements and good service matter, most workers are also concerned about the efficiency of daily operations.

Agencies with agnostic or highly-compatible VMS solutions should be sure to advertise their advantage to current and prospective accounts. Other technologies or processes that streamline client operations should also be highlighted as much as possible. In the end, people are self-motivated and concerned about simplifying their own daily tasks.


Ultimately, most healthcare recruiting agencies have distinctions that positively separate them from the competition. But many company leaders fail to capitalize on their advantages. Those with a keen eye and a bit of creativity can find ways to stand-out from the crowd in order to secure more accounts.


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