3 Features of YouSignHere medical staffing agencies cannot live without

Posted by Tim Teague on 11/18/14 6:00 AM

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It is no secret that You Sign Here, an electronic signature system, and BlueSky Medical Staffing Software are tightly integrated.  In fact, You Sign Here was developed by one of our owners in response to support issues we had with other e-Signature platforms. But over the years we have worked hard to make the You Sign Here integration so seamless that it is almost too good to be true.

What makes You Sign Here so special for healthcare staffing? 


1.  Save time and energy with the signature sequence workflows 

In healthcare staffing, agencies run into the issue of needing a thousand signatures on a million documents before a healthcare professional can go to work.  Now that maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I am talking about, right?  Not only does the HCP need to sign a contract and other documents, but so does the facility and if you are an managed service provider (MSP) then the subcontracting agency needs to sign many documents as well.

With the BlueSky/You Sign Here integration documents can be pre-configured to have roles.  What are roles?  It’s where certain signers fill out and sign certain fields before it moves to the next signer.  For example, if you are an MSP the facility signs the contract first, then it is sent to the subcontractor to fill out and sign, then onto the healthcare professional before it finally lands in the agency’s email for a final signature. After all of that is complete the signed and completed document automatically uploads into your BlueSky system.

Imagine all of the Fedex fees and time involved with a paper contract?

2.  Error Free Documents – yes this is possible!

One of the biggest issues with a standalone e-signature platform is someone has to take information and type it into the document before sending it for signature.  Anytime a human is involved and needs to type data from one system to the other system leaves the document open to errors.

The “mail merge integration” with BlueSky allows users to insert information from their BlueSky Medical Staffing Software system into any document.  No, this is not too good to be true.  This is what happens when you have a tight integration between two systems.

For example, some fields can be preloaded into any document such healthcare professional demographic information like names, date of birth, address, specialty to name a few as well as contract information such as start date, facility address, credentials required to start and rates.

At BlueSky we know the hold up a healthcare staffing agency can have when the I’s are not dotted and the T’s are not crossed on a contract.  Without an accurate contract the HCP could miss a start and cause a domino effect of problems for every party involved.  This is how the mail merge feature comes to the rescue by eliminating errors and getting HCPs to work faster and easier!

3.  Have complete documents and never have an missed field again

We have seen the frustration when a long awaited contract lands in our inbox with incomplete or wrong information loaded by the signer.  For example the signer has missed a digit on their social security number or forgot to initial a page.  Who know how many days it will take to get back in touch with this person and get it complete.

You Sign Here has very configurable behaviors and the ability to enforce rules before a document can be signed and completed.  It is so advanced that a user can preconfigure a document to have if/then statements in a document. You are probably thinking, “What is an IF/THEN statement... I am not a programmer.”  In normal terminology this means if a user marks a certain field like “Yes or No” to one of your fields THEN they must answer another subsequent field.  What a timesaver for all those involved to keep careless costly mistakes from happening!

Many medical staffing agencies are finding that the Affordable Care Act is already causing more paperwork for 2015 and there needs to be an efficient way to complete this paperwork. Using all of the features listed above could really help you get ready for 2015 with minimal effort.

If you are a BlueSky user be sure to attend the Community Training on Friday and we will be discussing how to integrate You Sign Here to streamline your staffing life!

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