Job Board and Online Application

Competition for talent has never been more intense. The time from initial contact to full onboarding is a critical benchmark.

BlueSky has developed onboarding technology that connects your existing website to the BlueSky applicant tracking system. We have created a “short” application to capture that lead that is about to get away, but also offer a full-length application that will save your team double data entry.

Do you purchase resumes in bulk? BlueSky has tools that can parse and populate your BlueSky system with everything you need. Easy CareerBuilder integration helps expand your reach, and with BlueSky’s team of top developers more integrations are on the horizon and can be custom developed for your business.
Of course, being able to monitor progress is essential. BlueSky offers you thoughtful reports that give you just the right snapshots. From activity reports for pre-applications to working caregivers, BlueSky helps you monitor it all.


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This is where the rubber meets the road.

BlueSky knows that the differentiator in your service and another agency is the ability to get your talent paid quickly and correctly. Those two key words about payroll that require a LOT of background experience in this industry: quickly and correctly.

Getting paid quickly has taken on a new meaning as more agencies offer daily pay. BlueSky can manage any pay frequency, and even has an integration to load cash cards.

There are many ways to capture time and attendance, and it can vary from facility to facility. BlueSky is a great solution to help you minimize reconciliation no matter what way is being used.

BlueSky’s Mobile App can be used to log time, or used as a camera to upload a copy of a signed timesheet. Electronic time and attendance is also easily imported, and client portals are available for approval. BlueSky reduces the need for paper, and gets the work done quickly and correctly. (See, there are those two key words again.)

BlueSky integrates with most popular payroll systems, such as QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, Great Plains and more.

Back Office

The complexity in healthcare staffing leaves businesses like yours with many pieces to put together in the back office. BlueSky’s powerful system connections do the heavy lifting for you.

Many of BlueSky customers are surprised at just how much work is eliminated because of BlueSky. When you partner with BlueSky our senior development team will configure your BlueSky system, and custom automate your business to suit your specific needs.

You have to consider variable setups in billing weeks, pay weeks, overtime pay and billing; and each part is critical to seamless back-office operations. BlueSky simplifies and streamlines your back office processes.

Complete reporting is easily accessible to spot-check your work on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Audit reporting is robust with the ability to report hours, pay, revenue by type of worker, where worked, and any time frame needed.

Invoices can be formatted and custom designed for each client, and billing and reporting can be accomplished on an accrual or cash basis.


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It’s all about building your brand. Getting your name in front of candidates and clients as many times as possible is essential. BlueSky helps you do just that with our many branding options.

Show you’re the best in the business with a customized Mobile App, branded candidate, client and facility login portals, sub-contractor portals and more.

Let BlueSky help you with in your marketing and branding efforts.

Credentialing-A key differentiator!

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Credentialing is where BlueSky really shines. Nowhere else besides the medical staffing industry can you find the breadth and depth of mandatory credentialing. Since 1994, BlueSky has been working to simplify and improve the complex processes around ensuring your worker pool is properly credentialed and ready to work.

Joint Commission, state by state, region-by-region, and client by client, we track every possible combination of required documents and manage them seamlessly. You don’t have to manually track time sensitive documents, let BlueSky do it for you.

BlueSky provides staggered, customizable and automated reminders of expirations. Decide who should be notified and how often, and let BlueSky do the work. These notices can give plenty of lead-time to get everything up to date. In the event of a documents expiration, BlueSky provides real-time notifications before you assignment a caregiver.

Let BlueSky do the heavy lifting in your critical credentialing department, so you can focus on the other challenges in your business.

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Reporting and Dashboards

Information is power. BlueSky puts it all at your fingertips.

Want to get granular? BlueSky let’s you. Through it’s powerful filtering capabilities, BlueSky allows you to review your business metrics in a myriad ways.
Need a quick snapshot? Real-time dashboards of your favorite reports allow you to see your business at-a-glance to understand how the critical areas of your business are progressing.

There are so many ways reports can be pulled, and BlueSky helps you get the picture just right.


Smart Candidate Matching

Increase your speed to fill open shifts with our Smart Candidate Matching system.
BlueSky gives you the right candidates at the right time with our Smart Candidate Matching. Simply enter in the need details, and with one click see which caregivers are the right candidates to contact based on skill and availability.
Integrated auto-dialer and text-blast features eliminate the need to 'smile and dial'. Now, you can reach everyone on your list with a click. Interested caregivers reply to the message to apply, and your shift is filled that easily!

Caregiver Mobile App

Imagine working at a medical facility. You are always on the go and don’t have time to find a computer to view open shifts or want to scan your time sheet in to email it or worse to fax it in. Now caregivers have the solution right in the palm of their hand with BlueSky’s mobile app. The best part is when you sign up with BlueSky…ITS FREE!

Caregivers will be able to:

  • View schedule
  • View open shifts
  • Apply for open orders
  • Confirm orders
  • Upload time sheets
  • Clock in and out
  • Contact support
  • and much more


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